100 community service ideas that are both doable and beneficial

Community service is exactly what it sounds like – it’s about coming together for a project to benefit your community. If that’s not very specific, that’s because there are so many ways to give back to the people and the place where you live! And you know, coming together (or alone!) for a community project can give you what is rare to find these days: meaning and satisfaction. So if you’re wondering what you could do to improve your livelihood and that of others, we’ve rounded up these great community service ideas for you to choose from.

There are different categories of possible help – there’s teaching, crowdfunding for a bigger project, fixing things, making things, volunteering, and so on. ! In fact, all of these community service project ideas are very doable and really beneficial, and we’d love to embrace them all. Now, where do you find the time for each of them… Anyway, while some of these ideas take a bit of preparation and time, there are also plenty of community service ideas for high school students, and even those to work on. your children!

Now, are you ready to give back to your community? Of course you are – just choose the idea you like the most from our list, and go! But, before doing so, be sure to categorize these projects as they are no longer in any particular order. After that, one more thing: share this article with members of your community, and maybe they will help you choose!

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