15 creative photo shoot ideas you can do at home

If ever you want to be creative, why not do a photoshoot from home? You don’t need a professional photography studio to get great photos.

Here is a list of creative photo shoot ideas that you can easily do at home using your camera or phone, and some simple accessories. So, dive in and get ready to shoot!

1. Create artistic images with objects


Everything around you can be an accessory, from your favorite skin care products to art hanging on the wall. The idea is that you use the seemingly mundane things around you as an aesthetic.

Maybe you can pick out some cute perfume bottles and a furry rug for this photo. For lighting, break a window or get a ring light. Then, as you’d expect for any photoshoot, move things (or yourself) around until you get a shot you’re happy with.

2. Use a mirror

A person holding a mirror between his forearms

Mirrors can add an interesting element to photos. Plus, mirror images are probably the easiest DIY photoshoot idea you can do at home.

The trick is to find interesting or colorful elements and use them as the focal point of the photo. Orient your mirror and camera correctly and you will have a pretty picture.

3. Use wallpapers as a backdrop

Young woman holding a book and standing against a graffiti wall

If you have fun wallpapers in your home, they can serve as a backdrop. You can create outfits or color combinations that complement the colors of the wallpaper, or you can choose to blend in with its elements.

4. Don’t forget the yard

A smiling man holding a beer on a chair outdoors

A photo of you surrounded by vegetation in your garden would be a great aesthetic. You can use your garden or your favorite plants to capture an earthy and cozy vibe.

5. Paper and magazine clippings

Young woman holding phone in front of newspaper clippings

Remember when magazine posters were all the rage? Well, it turns out they make a great backdrop for photos. Hang magazine posters on a bare wall or use old newspapers to create a moody backdrop.

6. Sheets also do the trick

A woman wearing a costume in front of a sheet as a backdrop

Another simple yet creative photo shoot idea is to use bed linens as a backdrop. Hang crisp white sheets and watch your image go from bland to airy and bright.

7. Bring plants or pets into the picture

A woman wearing a hat and posing near a plant

Photos with your plants or furry friends give off a warm allure. Opt for outfits and accessories in neutral tones to create a chic and minimalist look.

8. Enter the bathtub

A woman reading a book in a bathtub

It’s weird, but the internet especially likes photos of people in bathtubs. You can get creative with this; get yourself some water, bath bombs, or even milk, throw some fake flowers and jump in the tub. Keep in mind, however, that you will need a tripod or someone else to handle the camera.

9. Show off your interior design

Several wall decorations for the home

If you’ve got a knack for home decorating, there’s no better time to show it. Use your favorite places in your home as a backdrop or just snap a photo of an interesting part of your home.

10. Aesthetics of food and drink

A fork holding pasta on a plate

Food and drink are always fantastic subjects to use in pictures, and they don’t require too much effort. You can capture your meals and drinks in natural light, create a color palette, add fun accessories and voila, an Instagram-worthy photo!

11. Play dress up

A young woman standing behind the leaves and covering one of her eyes with a camera

You are your best muse! Prepare for a photoshoot by putting on some unique makeup or clothing. You can even put on dramatic makeup on your face or put on a retro outfit to spice things up. Recreating old photos is also a great idea for a photoshoot.

12. Use your collectibles

different old plates on blue background

If you have a collection of cool figurines, keepsakes, or other sentimental items, your collection can make a great photo. Play around with interesting arrangements until you get a photo that depicts the story you want to tell.

13. Recreate a spa day

woman sitting in a bathtub reading a book amid scented candles

Recreate a relaxing day of personal care with a photoshoot at the in-home spa. Pick up your favorite skincare products and light a scented candle or two to create a moody scene.

14. Use the view

the silhouette of a woman in a door with a view of her back

If your apartment or house has a great view, now is the time to enjoy it. Take a picture of yourself in front of a window, with the view in sight. Your balcony can also make a beautiful background.

15. Take a foggy mirror selfie

a foggy mirror selfie

Turn on the shower and wait for the steam to rise. Once it covers your entire bathroom mirror, take a photo of yourself behind the fog. It can make an abstract and weird photo.

Other tips for DIY photo shoot ideas at home

Having a photoshoot at home doesn’t mean your photos have to be boring. Here are some more tips to make your photos stand out even more.

Photoshop is your friend

A retouched photo

Photoshop can turn a simple image into an interesting masterpiece. You can play with image manipulation, collages or light and shadow effects.

You can do a lot of editing with this software. But if it’s a little too complicated for you Art Photos Where Lightroom are easier to use instead.

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Try out the creative lighting effects

Another great way to intensify your photoshoot is to use props that create unique lighting effects.

Get under a knitted blanket and focus the light on yourself (or stay in the direction of natural sunlight). You can also use a piece of lace fabric to do this. The effect might look like this:

Lace cover photo shoot

You can also try adjusting your blinds to create layered shadows. This can create an edgy image like this:

A profile of a woman in the shade of the blinds

There is endless inspiration at home

Step outside the boundaries of your location and use the items around your house. Remember, your photos don’t need to be perfect on the first, second, or even third try.

Don’t give in to the temptation to delete all of your photos if they don’t meet your expectations. Sleep on it, then try a few tweaks to turn things around. You can even watch VSCO or Lightroom for cool presets that will turn your photos from bland to bomb!

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