20 teenage bedroom ideas they’re sure to approve of

Teenage bedroom ideas, like most things when it comes to teenagers, are hard to come by. They’re at an age where they probably want creative freedom, which is good if that means they want something simple and chic, less good if they want to turn their bedroom into a half-pipe. So you will probably have to make compromises when it comes to design and decor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t simultaneously create a room that is stylish, functional and reflects your child’s tastes. And we’ve got plenty of bedroom ideas and inspiration to help you with that …

1. Incorporate the street style

teen bedroom ideas

(Image credit: www.ti-mediacontent.com)

This teenage bedroom idea has a super cool urban feel, thanks to the huge tilting window, skateboard racks on the walls, and a school locker style cabinet. Take inspiration from this space and add an exposed brick wall to add to the industrial vibe and if removing plaster is not an option for you, there are plenty of truly realistic brick wallpapers that can create a truly effect. similar.

2. Adopt a theme

Teenage bedroom idea with a surf-inspired wall mural

(Image credit: Avenir)

Talk to your teens about their hobbies and use them as the basis for their bedroom design. This surf-crazed teenager’s bedroom features a hand-painted mural designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, which is quirky and fun but also stylish.

Elaine Penhaul, director of the home staging company Lemon and lime interiors advises: “Parents may be reluctant to let a teenager run free, but try to remember that the paint is temporary and can be changed as their tastes change or when they leave the house. They will have the freedom to experiment and will be able to learn how to manage their money if given a budget. ‘

3. Mix your tastes in style

teen bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Avenir)

Not too keen on painting a football field on your child’s wall? Look for ways to bring in their taste in more subtle ways. Take this teenager’s bedroom – while the sporty wallpaper is playful, the rest of the room looks very chic, thanks to the cohesive color scheme and chic furnishings. Monogrammed bedding and a trendy chair complete the look.

4. Design a mural

teenage bedroom with raven mural and punching bag

(Image credit: www.ti-mediacontent.com)

Earn cool points with your teen and add a street art style mural to their bedroom. If you’re feeling brave you can let them go to town with their own creation or instead you can order a design you both agree to add a focal point to the space.

5. Go graphic

teen bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Avenir)

We love the graphic lines and funky mix of primary colors in this teenage bedroom, but what we love even more is that it’s also practical, with plenty of storage to avoid clutter and provide space. stylish desk for homework.

Elaine Penhaul of Lemon and Lime Interiors says, “Storage is extremely important as teens tend to collect a lot of personal belongings over the years. Helping them find smart ways to organize clothes, books, shoes, and whatever else they may own will help them keep the space tidy with minimal effort.

6. Turn a wall into something more

teen bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Avenir)

Guess what is this kid’s passion? This piece actually proves how taking inspiration from your children’s hobbies can create a truly stylish space if you just think creatively. This characteristic wall is inspired by a lens, but at first glance it looks like a very cool and minimalist design.

7. Build in one step

teen bedroom ideas

Have the look: The floor and stage are in smoked Burano oak and strip sawn by Source Wood Floors.

(Image credit: Avenir)

Whether it’s dance routines, or band practice (or more likely the Tik Toks recording), what teenager wouldn’t want a scene in their bedroom. This drum kit sits on its own raised plinth, made from strip-sawn oak planks. We think it would look pretty cool in a teenager’s bedroom!

8. Make room for their trinkets

teen bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Avenir)

Passionate about sport? Create a cool backdrop with sports-inspired artwork and use open shelves to display trophies, medals or collectable accessories like boxing gloves, ping-pong rackets, glove and baseball , etc.

9. Show their passions to add personality

teenage room with skateboards on the wall

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

Mount their hobby or passion on the walls to add personality to their room and ensure it truly reflects their personality. Elaine Penhaul explains: “When it comes to teenagers it is essential to let them personalize their bedroom so that they feel like they have their own space. Allow them to incorporate any hobbies or interests they might have and create wall art by hanging weird and wonderful items – Pinterest has tons of great ideas on how to do this.

10. Decorate with teen approved wallpaper

teenage bedroom with wallpaper with skateboard pattern

(Image credit: Avenir)

And if hanging a skateboard on your walls isn’t an option, then opting for a cool, urban-inspired wallpaper like this instead will instantly change the atmosphere and give the room a more grown-up feel.

11. Be creative and splash the walls

Boys room with graphic black and white splash wallpaper

(Image credit: Dustin Halleck and Margaret Rajic)

The walls in this teenager’s bedroom have a wild, splattered paint effect, but they’re actually wallpaper. If you’re feeling brave, you can let your teenager try to recreate it on their own. Then if that doesn’t work, you can always hang wallpaper on it.

12. Easily add a secret door with wallpaper

Secret door with book wallpaper

(Image credit: Richard Powers)

This “secret door” to a teenage bedroom was surprisingly inexpensive to create, as the door is just covered in Trompe l’Oeil wallpaper. The wall and the door were upholstered in one go, with a dark architrave and a false plinth completing the illusion. Simple and efficient

13. Make a teenager’s room grow with graffiti

Teenage room with graffiti

(Image credit: Rei Moon)

There’s something about graffiti that teens love, maybe it gives them a cool, edgy adult feel (we remember that well), and that’s a bonus that made it good. way, it can also look really stylish.

Hanging graffiti-inspired artwork is a really quick way to make a child’s room look like it’s growing without having to totally redecorate, which can be a great addition as your child grows older.

14. Or create a graffiti wall

teenage room with graffiti wall

(Image credit: Avenir)

Or you can go all out and hire a graffiti artist and paint your teenager’s room in person. It could be a pretty fun experience, and your teenager and their friends could all get involved.

15. Add retro games

A retro – but functional – arcade game like this would make a fun display in any teenage room! And who are you kidding, you’d like to get your hands on Pac Man too.

16. Create a comfortable cabin aesthetic

teenage bedroom with gray headboard and deer head on the wall

(Image credit: Avenir)

The teen’s bedroom has a distinctly grown-up feel, with a large upholstered headboard, faux fur throw, and taxidermy (faux woods would give an equally cool look) on the wall. Plus, this is a classic, neutral look that has a long lifespan, so you won’t find yourself redecorating every year as their tastes change.

17. Keep it fun

teenager's room with gray walls and chess set

(Image credit: Richard Waite)

They might want a more grown-up scheme, but you can balance an adult bed, fancy bedding, and lighting with playful touches to keep the feel young and fresh. In this teenager’s bedroom, interior designer Katharine Pooley featured fun wallpaper and exposed jars of candy, giving this sophisticated room a more playful feel.

18. Make room for a desk

teen bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Avenir)

Upgrade their children’s desk to a more grown-up desk – industrial style desks are a popular choice. A leather chair like this will also help make the room look fresher and more daring and create a comfortable and practical space for doing homework.

19. Go for open storage to display things there

teen bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Avenir)

Open storage like this is perfect for displaying valuable knickknacks and can add color and interest to a space. Choose something with an industrial side and use the surface for decoration.

20. Choose a dramatic color scheme

teen bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Paul Craig)

The drama of the deep colors creates a fantastic cocooning effect and adds a bit of drama to a teenager’s bedroom. Pair deep navy blue walls with grays, blacks and whites for a classic scheme that will grow with them.

How to arrange a teenager’s room?

When styling a teenager’s bedroom, be sure to always involve them in the design process. If you can grab their attention for 15 minutes, create a mood board together so that you both have a sense of the vision you’re looking for. Look at the color schemes, themes, furniture, materials, any patterns they might like that you can bring with wallpaper or bedding.

If you don’t know where to start, the themes that always work in teenage bedrooms are industrial and rustic styles with neutral color palettes and plenty of textures. Add some original artwork and make sure there is plenty of open storage space for them to display their knickknacks.

What colors to choose for a teenager’s room?

Color schemes that work well in teenage bedrooms and are a safe bet are grays, blues, and whites. These neutral palettes are the perfect backdrop for any style and can be adapted as their tastes change, simply by swapping out the accessories. For a warm look, try browns which can be really sleek and modern when paired with bright colors like reds and oranges.

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