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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – While working on her art, the artist named Elidea feels the excitement. It has been a busy time for the artist of Italian descent who now resides in Miami.

Busy and excited as Art Basel Miami Beach and Miami Art Week, postponed due to the COVID pandemic in 2020, are scheduled to open on November 30.

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Local artists like Elidea have been affected by the cancellation of Art Basel 2020 as they depend on the crowds the show draws to visit their independent galleries and exhibitions as well. Additionally, local galleries were not open due to COVID restrictions, and sales of some artists came to a screeching halt.

Now there is hope.

“It was really tough for me and a lot of other artists,” Elidea told CBS4’s Hank Tester. “I’m so happy we’re going to have it again.”

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Art Basel Miami Beach, before the pandemic was canceled, reportedly attracted 81,000 artists, agents, buyers and art lovers and featured works of art worth more than $ 2 billion. Estimates claim that the event brings in more than $ 500 million to the local economy, part of which goes to local artists and, along the way, who make themselves known to a global audience of collectors.

“This year I’m so excited. I will have a solo exhibition, ”Elidea said as she visited a space that her exhibition will occupy from November 30.

She hopes the Glass Box’s location at 79th Street and Biscayne will draw a crowd to see her new Elidea project called “Coalace.” Her work is a combination of photography, painting and collage that celebrates the fragility, enhancement and strength of a woman’s body.

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According to Elidea, the return of the Art Basel Miami Beach fair has produced: “The happiness of leaving, the connections with people, galleries, we have the feeling of coming back to life.

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