Art Sensation, Mr Brainwash arrives in London with a new show

Thierry guetta, better known by his nickname M. Brainwashing, is a street artist born in France and based in Los Angeles. He came to London last week to showcase his new collection and Banky-inspired street art.

Mr. Brainwash at Battersea Power Plant

Mr Brainwash will also seek to create a giant mural at Battersea Power Station to commemorate the opening of London’s newest underground station. This will then become part of a London light show projected onto this iconic building, making it the perfect time to invest in its stunning contemporary works of art.

He first came to a small press gathering next to Battersea Power Station for a small gathering, and then later that evening to a gallery run by Clarendon Fine art in the heart of Covent Garden, where his work was on display. on two floors. The Clarendon Art Gallery was the perfect setting for the exhibition and is a very central gallery in its portfolio where art buyers can purchase original and limited pieces. If there were any signs of an economic slowdown, there certainly weren’t any on Thursday night. Every piece has sold. Such is the demand for art in London, it was also very evident that these buyers were not only appreciators of unique art, but also very discerning investors.

He first started his career as a photographer and filmographer. He went on to become an artist where his pieces sold for five figures at first, which was largely aided by an endorsement from Banksy in 2010. He has since exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery and created an album cover for Madonna. and its coins for 90,000. The GBP plus on Wednesday was seen as a great investment and buyers were certainly not lacking.

Mr. Brainwash (artist) at Clarendon Fine Art Covent Garden, 23.09.21

With the current climate, art is a hot commodity, and due to its impact in the art world, purchasing a work of art by this artist is in our opinion a successful investment. The art is unique and the marketing machine is savvy. Highly sophisticated slots are one thing, but when backed by the real deal, these coins can be worth their weight in gold. Buying a Banksy piece early on gave up to 1400% returns.

The concept behind Mr Brianwash and his art are also very clever. Why Mr Brainwash and why so appropriate today? Much of the population has been brainwashed on a large scale over numerous events, whether it is a new virus or a marketing campaign, but this French artist was awakened very early on to these campaigns. Mr. Brainwash was invented in the early 90s, ”Guetta explained in an interview with Paper magazine.

“When you watch TV, when you buy clothes, when you come to a bar or a club or when you do anything, how do you get there? Everything is brainwashed, and I used to take any mark and twist it.

“I would take Nike, and I would make the logo exactly the same, but with an arrow, and I would write underneath, ‘I just did it.’ Instead of Kids ‘R’ Us, I would put Boys Are Nuts.

Mr. Brainwash (artist) at Clarendon Fine Art Covent Garden, 23.09.21

After being discovered by Banksy – the artist had a very quick path to commercial success with his great foray into the world of commercial art – his “Life Is Beautiful” exhibition in Los Angeles in 2008 – earned him a six-figure estimated sum. What is interesting is that Guetta uses a special signature and authentication on each piece of art, the mantra “Life is beautiful”, his fingerprint, his signature and a sequence of dollar bill numbers. attributed.

Mr. Brainwash’s estimated net worth is currently around $ 20 million. This comes from a combination of commercial collaborations, auctions, and other income from Mr. Brainwash’s films and our guess is that it’s only going one way and it’s on the rise. Look at this space.

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