Artorama: an entertainment experience mixing art and technology in Riyadh

Riyadh — Riyadh is witnessing a unique interactive entertainment event called “Artorama”, which is supported by the General Entertainment Authority (GEA).

The event mixes art and technology and gives visitors fun and excitement by interacting with their thoughts, then they can see those thoughts come to life in front of them.

This experience helps them develop their senses and their imagination by living immersive experiences.

The event, which runs until October 21, offers many fun experiences, including the memory box experience, which allows visitors to create their images according to the desired effect among several abstract artistic effects. Then these images are displayed on a large screen, which gives them more pleasure.

Among the experiences offered to visitors is the experience of turning sand into paint, which allows them to interact with nature, where visitors play with sand and control the expected shapes, colors and abstract patterns. .

There’s also the “Hit Your Targets” experience, which features an integrated theatrical show that allows visitors to throw balls at the screen and interact with the artistic content presented.

In the “Touch Your Art” experience, visitors can touch the wall via a large screen and create different colors and shapes that they interact with.

The journey of artistic and technical entertainment continues for visitors, who can experience the swing of the future, as the swings interact with the displayed screen to see different aspects of nature and its surroundings.

While the local graffiti experience allows visitors to show off their art and color the futuristic elements of Riyadh on the wall and interact with it.

The interactive drawing experience inspires their imagination and makes them enjoy the abstract elements of Pop Art designed by Saudi artists, as they interact with the abstract shapes with a blend of art and technology through the “Create and play”.

The Artorama event is one of the winning ideas of the Ideas for Entertainment initiative, launched by GEA in 2021 to enrich the entertainment industry.

Artorama was among the 20 winning ideas out of 12,000 ideas received by GEA as part of valuing the role of the community in choosing entertainment ideas and initiatives that suit their tastes and aspirations. —SG

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