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I wrote this one while I was still alive,“Atmosphere’s Slug spits on the first line of“ Graffiti. ”Setting the stage for a metaphorical look at both the inner workings of the romantic MC and the heavily layered track, the video takes that authentic granularity a step further. Directed by Longtime collaborator Jason Goldwatch, the deliberately wobbly and blurry visuals jarringly accentuate the meaning of Atmosphere’s latest album, Mi Vida Local‘s track fence.

Slug takes his verses slowly and walks with determination on this track. The track’s producer (and co-founder of Atmosphere) Ant, meanwhile, uses fanfare and a touch of melancholy to drive the point home. Equally reminiscent and progressive, “Graffiti” is one of Mi Vida Local‘s highlights and does a fair job of wrapping up the album trilogy.

Slug unwraps new Atmosphere album, puts his rumored alchemist LP to bed (video)

In the video, we see Slug as he maneuvers through cute spots in Los Angeles, California, sometimes with a little white Chihuahua. The mural that provides the initial backdrop, of a dove leaving hands, provides another layer of rebirth symbolism. With almost as much to see as to hear, each watch sheds new light on the tune’s implicit meaning. The visual quality resembles that of family films from the 1960s and 1970s.

Atmosphere creates an album for the changing seasons of life. Everyone can listen here (Audio)

“Graffiti” marks the concluding track on the final album of a created trilogy, as Slug puts it in a recent Ambrosia for heads interview, to “become familiar with the idea of ​​death”. Preceded by Southerners in 2014 and Peach blues in 2016, the final album solves the problems, still floating on the same themes of home, mortality and family. “This record is not about dying. But is the finale of this particular mortality trilogy. That is why [I say on ‘Graffiti’], ‘I wrote this one when I was still alive,‘to close it. Then, for the next disc, I can start from scratch. I have nothing to do that has anything to do with what I just did, ”Slug recently revealed. “It took me five years to complete this strange trilogy. Shit. I’m so glad it’s done.

When we revisit that opening line, Slug provides the closure, so the duo can move on to something completely different.

Evidence directs Atmosphere’s latest video. It’s a different kind of house party

Atmosphere is currently on tour Mi Vida Local with artist from Rhymesayers, deM atlaS, as well as bands The Lioness and DJ Keezy. The next stage will start in mid-November and will cover the country until spring 2019.

Mi Vida Local is also available in vinyl and CD.

Atmosphere is releasing a new album. Their new video is about Aging Without Fear

Press photograph of Dan Monick provided by Rhymesayers Entertainment.

#BonusBeat: Ambrosia for heads‘recent conversation with Slug about Mi Vida Local:

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