Best T-Shirt Fonts to Use on Your Custom Designs

Yes, custom graphics look fabulous on a t-shirt, although it can take a lot of effort to design them yourself. But do you know what else could be easier to create, in high demand, and could make custom t-shirts unique? If you couldn’t guess, let us open the door to the world of text designs for you!

Everyone loves a t-shirt with a witty liner, a good quote, or jokes that make you laugh. If you have such content, all you need to design awesome custom text t-shirts is choosing the right fonts!

Why fonts are important

What design is for graphics, font is for text. Therefore, fonts can ultimately define the overall look of your t-shirts. Whether you want to sell monochromatic t-shirts or brightly colored custom tie-dye shirts, the font you choose can enhance or diminish your message.

The appearance and style of letters in text (or fonts) can significantly affect how the reader feels about it. Fonts define how the viewer reads the text and the voice behind it. It essentially sets the tone of the message being communicated.

If you want to create your own shirt in a way that gives the impression of the message it displays, you need to choose the right fonts carefully.

12 best fonts for t-shirt designs

There are over 200,000 fonts worldwide. Choosing the perfect t-shirt fonts can be tricky for people who aren’t typography or design experts.

How do you choose the right one when there are so many possibilities? To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of our top 12 t-shirt fonts that look great on t-shirts.

Bungee Font

The Bungee typeface honors urban branding. It manipulates alphabetic characters so that it can work both horizontally and vertically. The strong style of the Bungee font is ideal for contrasting accompanying text in the layout and for emphasizing the most crucial elements.

Camilla Handwritten Font

Six different fonts, including alternates, ligatures, swashes, and underlines, are included in the Camilla Script family. Camilla Handwritten fonts are ideal for conveying the sophistication, elegance and effect of handwritten statements.

Special Elite Font

This typeface is meant to give the effect of vintage typewriters. Special Elite effectively highlights a brief quote with deep meaning or wisdom. These fonts make texts look elegant, mature and timeless.

Font Montserrat

The Montserrat font is simple and elegant. Uppercase characters have more space between letters and have the best visual effect. It’s also a great option for text designs that use the curved effect.

Signalis script font

These fonts can be ideal for those who want to emphasize a feminine and elegant style for a personalized t-shirt. Signalis Script Font is a simple typeface with a stylish and trendy appearance. It gives a classy look without compromising readability.

sunday quotes font

It’s possible to achieve a vintage look with these rough, vintage, distressed fonts with hand-drawn typefaces and OpenType features. Sunday Quote fonts are suitable and practical for producing vintage designs and giving text a strong voice.

black star font

Black Star Gothic display font has a retro look. This typeface has a certain grace that makes us think of medieval writing. Black Star is a distinctive and imaginative option if you’re looking for a gothic or retro typeface for your next t-shirt design. Great to use for headlines, poster text and more!

Font Abril Fatface

Abril Fatface is both sophisticated and whimsical, making it an ideal choice for conveying dreamy concepts. This typeface would be perfect as the centerpiece of the shirt design, allowing your message to stand out.

Jack Roll Graffiti Display Font

Need to express funk and seduce the “cool” public? You have to create t-shirt texts with Jack Roll Graffiti. The letters in this font look great, and the spacing and rendering gives the impression of street graffiti.

Architects Daughter Font

This typeface has the clean, geometric look of architectural writing and the casual feel of regular calligraphy. This is a good option when you want your design to look like it was deliberately handmade and made just for you.

cartoon font

Comic gives a fun vibe with comic style fonts and writing effects. It has asymmetrical edges and exciting shapes, perfect for embellishing children’s t-shirts paired with cartoon graphics.

Electro Wave Font

The Electro Wave typeface epitomizes techno-enthusiastic style and technology. These typefaces are perfect for creating products with a spatial or fantasy feel. Fans of electro-dance music might also find it appealing.

How to make shirts with your creations

Designing your t-shirts with text can be done in two ways:

1) Alone with various graphic design applications like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Canva.

2) Employing graphic design services with professional knowledge and experience to translate your design idea into reality.

The latter can free you from the task of creating designs, allowing you to focus on the core business.

Once you have your designs ready, a print-on-demand company like Printify can make it easy to create custom t-shirts. With Printify’s mockup generator, you can put your designs on different types of t-shirts and other items to create accurate mockups of your final product; moreover, they will create and ship said product to your customers for you!


Choosing the right fonts when designing and selling custom t-shirts can be overwhelming. However, we hope this guide will help you get started and understand the effect of fonts on the final look of the t-shirt. Try to use fonts that best complement the tone and feel of the message you hope to convey.

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