Black representation in films, music and literature – DW – 03/11/2022

77 percent magazine #138 |  Black representation

Little Mermaid

Every time a black actor is cast in the remake of a popular movie, there’s an outcry. Recently, Disney has been the epicenter of criticism for doing the same with its upcoming The Little Mermaid movie. Wanjiku Mwaura tells us more.

Portrait: Francis Oghuma

We meet Nigerian documentary filmmaker and children’s book author Francis Oghuma, who talks about the status of black representation in the media, measures to increase visibility and his view of the world his children will grow up in.

The importance of black illustrations in medicine

Blacks are not often seen in medical textbooks. In addition to highlighting a strong lack of representation, this also increases the chances of misdiagnosis for certain conditions. A young Nigerian illustrator’s attempt at change that has resonated around the world.

Jump Ground

Whether in music, movies or literature, black representation matters to Sauti Sol. Kenya’s most famous boy band not only supports young African musicians, but also inspires African children through storytelling. The group of four have been through a lot over the past few pandemic years and want to make sure every child feels accepted.

Matatus: Graffiti on Wheels by Mohammed Kartar

Matatus are Kenyan taxis usually equipped with LED color televisions and huge boomboxes. Graffiti artist Mohammed Kartar alias Mohagrafix is ​​the master of Matatu design.

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