Bruce Lee vs. Mike Tyson Art imagines a fight between two legends

New comic book-style fan art pits martial arts legend Bruce Lee against iconic boxer Mike Tyson in a bare-knuckle street brawl.

Movie legend Bruce Lee takes on iconic boxer Mike Tyson in new fan-made art. Martial arts movies became a global phenomenon in the 1970s, thanks in large part to superstar Lee. Sadly, the screen legend passed away in 1973 at the age of just 32.

Fortunately, before his passing, Lee was able to firmly establish his reputation as the king of martial arts movies with films like the big boss, fist of fury and The Way of the Dragon, the last of which featured him against American martial artist Chuck Norris. After his passing, Lee’s legend only grew with posthumous releases like Enter the dragon, game of death and circle of iron. Today, Lee continues to be revered, so much so that when Quentin Tarantino showed the martial arts master being fought off by Brad Pitt’s stuntman Cliff Booth in Once upon a time in Hollywoodfans around the world protested the mere idea.


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Lee fans may not be willing to accept that their favorite martial arts hero could be bested by a stunt character in a Tarantino movie. But maybe they’ll entertain the idea that he’s being offered a good fight by someone else known for his ability to ruthlessly destroy his opponents. This is the proposal put forward by a new fan art by Seung Eun Kim illustrating a street fight between Lee and the legendary boxer Tyson. See the art in space below (via Art Station):

Bruce Lee and Mike Tyson both shirtless in an alleyway Bruce kicking and Mike punching in comic book style fan art

Tyson has, of course, had his own brushes with movie stardom over the years, with his most memorable appearance being an appearance as himself in comedy. The hangover. And just like Lee became a TV star thanks to The green hornetTyson has also become an unlikely figure on the small screen thanks to his voice performance – again as himself – in the animated series. Mysteries of Mike Tyson. Of course, long before all of that, Tyson was a formidable boxer who, in 1986, became the youngest man to ever win the heavyweight title.

Those old enough to remember Tyson’s period of boxing dominance in the late 80s and early 90s might not be so put off by the idea of ​​him giving a good fight to Lee. Of course, the stylistic contrast between Tyson and Lee is huge, with Tyson being a classic boxer and Lee a kung fu master. If on another plane of existence the two were fighting, it would undoubtedly be a fascinating thing to see. But since such a thing is impossible in real life, fan art like the dynamic and cool image featured above is the best way to visualize what could happen if Lee vs. Tyson comes to pass.

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Source: Seung Eun Kim/Art Station

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