Definition or concept of real estate


It is essential to know the definition or concept of real estate to understand what should be established as property. The issue of property will be treated as a legal figure , to give it a better sense of belonging. The Colombian civil code, in article 653 , is responsible for classifying assets.

Credits and active easements


Concept: “goods consist of bodily or incorporeal things. Corporal are those that have a real being and can be perceived by the senses, like a house a book. You incorporate those that consist of mere rights, such as credits and active easements. ”

Body things are divided into: Furniture that can be transported from one place to another. Among them, objects moved by the action of man and animals by themselves. Some furniture by nature and destination become real estate, for example, a dwelling.

On the other hand, real estate or real estate are those that cannot be relocated. Like, the land, farms, houses, buildings, as they are attached to the land. In physical form as legal.

Concept classes of a real estate


There are several definitions, according to their intended use.

» Property by analogy, this definition is given to mortgage licenses

» Property by nature , they are typical of soils, such as lots, land, estates, vacant lots.

» Property by incorporation, they are adhered to the floors, such as housing constructions on a land.

» Property by representation, are those that represent the ownership of the property, the public deeds.

Other assessments of a real estate


By owning a property where there are laws on land, there are certain expenses established by the state. They are payments applied as a percentage to the commercial value of the good and are called . In Colombia some are listed:

  • Property tax: applied directly to the value of the property, annually
  • Income Tax: applied to assets, annually
  • National consumption tax: applied to the seller of a property through withholding at source. At the time of conducting the business.

It concludes, with one of the ideas that for many people is palpable and that by achieving it in very beneficial. Having a real estate property, is accepted as an investment because as time goes by it increases its equity value.