Elon Musk calls for graffiti for his new Tesla factory

Tesla CEO Elon Musk stands at a Tesla factory construction site on May 17, 2021. Alliance Christophe Gateau / photo via Getty Images

Elon Musk may be one of the world’s most famous tech billionaires, but he would also like to be known as a patron of the arts: Tesla CEO on Wednesday launched an appeal on his Twitter asking street performers to submit design proposals. for Giga Berlin, the company’s massive new mega-factory in the famous German city. Giga Berlin, which was finally completed after 10 months of work, was built for Tesla to deploy its Model Y vehicle in Europe. Considering that Musk has delighted fans all over the world, he should have no trouble getting his request fulfilled.

Already, Musk’s tweet has inspired a whole slew of ideas from contributors who have sent him art inspired by a number of his exploits online. A commenter responded to the original tweet with a photo of a mural inspired by the time Musk continued Joe Rogan Show and Smoked Weed; even more people sent art inspired by Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency that is particularly preferred by the tech billionaire. As you might expect, because it’s the internet, ideas for graffiti involving anime also arose.

Musk may not be known for making large donations to classical art institutions like other billionaires are, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t dipped his toe into the world of art. art in a meaningful way. In March, Musk announced that he would sell one of his tweets, which included a song in an NFT music video, as NFT. Other big names in tech, like Jack Dorsey, have also gotten into the NFT game; unlike Dorsey, however, Musk has an infinitely youthful sense of humor that regularly inspires his fans. Because of who Musk is, there’s actually a good chance the Giga Berlin installation will end up with a Dogecoin mural by its side.

Elon Musk took to Twitter for graffiti art for his new Tesla factory

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