Elon Musk shows graffiti art at Tesla Giga Berlin

Tesla Giga Berlin will be the next gigafactory for the electric car giant which will serve all of Europe and also export vehicles to other continents.

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24 Jan 2022, 09:45

Graffiti art on the wall of the Tesla Giga Berlin factory. (Image: Twitter/Elon Musk)” title=”Graffiti art on the wall of the Tesla Giga Berlin factory. (Image: Twitter/Elon Musk)” style=”width:auto;”/>
Graffiti art on the wall of the Tesla Giga Berlin factory. (Image: Twitter/Elon Musk)

Tesla Giga Berlin is the next big thing from the electric vehicle giant and the factory has already started production. Meanwhile, Tesla CEO Elon Musk showed off the graffiti art on the Giga Berlin factory wall on Twitter. Additionally, it will be the second Tesla gigafactory outside the United States, after the Shanghai gigafactory in China.

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The electric car maker has already started manufacturing Tesla Model Y cars at Giga Berlin, which are set to be fine-tuned through various tests. Mass production of Tesla electric cars for mass buyers is expected to begin in the near future. This plant will mainly supply the European market. Besides, it will also export electric cars to other markets.

However, Tesla has yet to officially confirm when mass production will begin at the plant and when customer deliveries of locally built cars will begin. Since that didn’t happen in 2021, Tesla could be aiming for the first quarter of this year if it gets regulatory approval for manufacturing.

Besides the Tesla Model Y, the automaker will also produce Model 3 compact sedans at this plant. Tesla currently produces around 10 Model Ys at its Giga factory in Berlin.

Tesla Giga Berlin has been at the center of several controversies in the recent past. The site has been the subject of controversy over the excessive use of groundwater and the destruction of forest land, for which it has been criticized by environmental activists. Additionally, Tesla CEO Elon Musk pointed to the German red carpet complex for delaying the completion of the manufacturing plant.

The Giga Berlin manufacturing facility has not yet received final clearance from German authorities. The company is still building the site to handle more and more manufacturing processes there.

Date of first publication: January 24, 2022, 09:45 IST

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