Father’s Day gift ideas straight from the Autoblog staff

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Father’s Day only comes around once a year, and it’s the perfect time to show the dads in your life what they mean to you. We know how difficult it can be to shop for these types of occasions, so we wanted to put together a list of gift ideas based on what we’re planning to give our dads this year (or what we hope to get it ourselves). Hopefully we can also spark some ideas for what you can gift your dad this year.

Editor-in-Chief, Greg Migliore: “I did a lot of research before purchasing this lawn mower. It consistently ranks at or near the top of most reviewers’ lists for best electric lawn mowers, and it’s a decent value for capacity. Wirecutter, for example, lists the LM2102SP as the second best pick among electric lawn mowers, but it’s the same as the top pick, with fewer features. You won’t miss them, and this one is considerably cheaper.

Ego’s LM2102SP is a very capable self-propelled electric lawnmower with a long battery life and an attractive start. I was pleasantly surprised by the cutting power of the LM2102SP. It’s better than the venerable gasoline-powered models I’ve given away. I can also cut front and rear on a single charge – the 56-volt battery delivers on the promise of 60 minutes of runtime. Other cool things: Raising and lowering the deck is super easy, depending on the size of your grass, and the self-propelled power is adjustable so you can slow down in tight spots. If you’re looking to upgrade to an electric lawn mower for Father’s Day, this is a solid choice.

Lead Producer, Chris McGraw: “I’ve been on a few trips across the country in my car, and nothing gets rid of a bad night’s sleep like a good cup of coffee in the morning. Sometimes camping is a long way from a cafe, so boiling your own water and making your own pour is the best (and only) option. This is where the Flash Jetboil cooking system comes in. It can boil water in less than two minutes so you’ll have caffeine flowing through your veins as quickly as possible without having to start a fire. It also works great if your dinner is a dehydrated meal.

For more camping gear for dad, check out these 7 inexpensive items that will up your RV game.

Producer, Amr Sayour: “I love this thing because it’s basically a must-have gadget in your car. Charge your phone, use it as a flashlight, and of course recharge your car battery when nobody’s around! Why don’t you Wouldn’t you buy this vital piece of automotive technology for your father?”

West Coast Editor, James Riswick: “A Babybjorn like this can be great for taking your little one on outdoor adventures with you, but eventually they’ll start to get heavy enough that your back starts to hurt…and their legs keep going. from hitting you in the thighs on the way up (or other more sensitive areas). Ask me how I know! Well, I turned to this lightweight Osprey Poco LT Child Carrier Backpack and it was a buy sensational. Described as a good choice for those with less extreme hiking plans, which definitely describes my plans. Not only is it much more comfortable for me to wear, my son is also much more comfortable in his little princely throne (with an additional retractable sun visor).

I also like the large storage space it offers and the ability to add an Osprey water bag. Besides backpacking, I’ve found it to be a great tool for airport travel, as it easily replaces a stroller and doubles as a carry-on for my stuff. And if you’re wondering how compact it is, my Poco LT made a few appearances in my luggage tests, including this one for the Subaru BRZ.

Production Manager, Eddie Sabatini: “This year, I’m going to give my dad a 12-month Amazon Prime membership. The current price for Amazon Prime subscription is $14.99 per month or $139 per year. If you’re already a Prime member but haven’t noticed yet, yes, membership fees have increased. On February 18, 2022, price increases for Prime membership plans went into effect. For more information, visit this Amazon Prime Price Change page.

If you don’t want to spend $139, remember that you don’t need to have an Amazon Prime subscription to use Prime Video. For $8.99 a month, you can gift access to award-winning Prime originals like “The Grand Tour” and “Bosch.” Also, Thursday Night Football will be broadcast live on Prime Video this year starting September 15th of the 2022 season. I’m opting to offer the full membership this year because I’ve finally convinced my parents that they can buy articles safely on the Internet. I think home delivery of some everyday essentials will help, and even at $139/year there’s still value to be had.

Multimedia Producer, Erik Maier: “The Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2) VR headset is one of those things you have to experience to really understand. Yes, yes, I hear commentators say, ‘Zuckerberg is evil and the future looks like a dystopian hellscape”, I get it. But if we’re going to be pushed even further into the tragedy that is late-stage capitalism, then we might as well take advantage of the cool stuff it offers, and VR headsets have to be among the things the coolest ones around. . The first time I showed my dad my helmet he was blown away. With this from your living room you can play 18 hole golf, sit on the passenger side in a race car F1, kayaking trips through Antarctica and more.It’s a great option to be able to “experience” things that might be too expensive or too hard to live in the flesh.So for that reason I going to pick one for my dad this a born, so we can play golf together whenever we want, even miles away.

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