Five romantic date ideas in Brisbane for this week, from budget to blast

Tired of the classic nightly movie and dinner combo? U.S. too. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new things to do, scouring the city for non-boring activities in Brisbane – ones that are guaranteed to take your next date way beyond the beers made before. at pub. Whether you’re taking someone on a second date or going your 100th with your partner, we’ve got some awesome (and, yes, cute) ideas for dates this week, no matter how much money you have. spend. Just think of us as your cultural wingman. You’re welcome.



Drapl and Treazy, Aimee Catt


The streets of Brisbane are about to look a lot brighter – and sport a lot more paint, feature lots of giant murals, and feature a whole lot more art in general. The reason: the return of the Brisbane Street Art Festival, which will take over the city from Saturday May 7 to Sunday May 22 for its sixth and largest physical event.

The 2022 BSAF will also feature international artists for the first time since 2019, helping to put 50 new large-scale murals around the square – albeit only temporarily. This includes Miss Birdy, Iñigo Sesma and Fivust, with the talent lineup spanning people from the US, Spain, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia and New Zealand. They will paint a storm alongside Australian artists such as Sofles, Lisa King and Rachael Sarra.

Also on the list for you and your plus one to check out: everyone from 23rd Key, Bronik, Drapl, and GERM to Gus Eagleton, Katherine Viney, MAUY, and Yin Lu. Over the 16-day festival, their efforts will be complemented by a range of art events – including Scribble Slam, a Brisbane– themed photography exhibition and a big party at Felons Brewing Co – and workshops.

One place you’ll want to go is Northshore, where BSAF takes over an entire warehouse and uses it as their headquarters. Dubbed Superordinary Northshore, it will host 12 mural activations, as well as numerous events, including the festival’s opening night. Yes, that means there will be some impressive large-scale artwork by the riverside – as well as at Howard Smith Wharves and South Bank. Also a fresh coat of paint: Queen Street Mall, RNA Showgrounds, and Valley Mall, and that’s just a preview of the list of locations.




You and your significant other may have thought that King George Square looked pretty good by day and maybe a bit prettier by night, but it’s at dusk that City Hall really shows its colors. And what better backdrop when you’re shopping all evening, especially when the King George is packed with some of Brisbane’s best designers and manufacturers.

Brisbane’s regular Twilight Market features a significant number of stalls – over 60, in fact – all staffed by some pretty crafty and talented local artists. Returning in 2022, the event will host an eclectic selection of items, so get ready to browse and shop. You’ll browse everything from handmade clothing, accessories and leather goods to paper goods, homewares, art and ceramics (and more).

This market is all about sound, smell and sales – so the live music will provide a soundtrack to the evening, and expect to be hit with that spring flowerbed smell that always lingers when there’s a soap stand.

Food stalls are also on the agenda, with the list of regular 2022 markets launching on Friday, May 6. Each event runs from 4-9pm, so pack some cash and stock up on the nifty stuff.



Brisbane Writers Festival 2021, State Library of Queensland


Calling all bookworms, word nerds and literature lovers – and couples of both. After a tumultuous few years due to the pandemic, the Brisbane Writers Festival is once again spreading its love for stories, novels, writing in general and putting pen to paper (and fingers to keyboards) across the city. And, it’s doing it in a big way, hosting more than 200 events across the city, all to celebrate its 60th anniversary.

Until Sunday May 8, this year’s festival holds sessions all over suburban pubs, music venues and restaurants. BWF also settles into its usual base at the State Library of Queensland, of course, and ventures into a bunch of local libraries as well. But the goal is to spread the love as far as possible.

As a result, pMost BWF 2022 locations courtesy of Nick Earls’ curate Brisbane as a historic city program, which is new for this year. It doesn’t just focus on local writers and poets, but takes them – and festival audiences – to places they have been inspired by. So it means to hear Pig City author Andrew Stafford chats with Yumi Stynes ​​about his book about Brisbane’s music scene at the zoo, and heads to Sunnybank’s Landmark restaurant with Benjamin Law, who will talk about his memoir family law. It also includes hitting the RE with writer Rebecca Sparrow for a session on Brissie in the 80s and 90s.

Other full line highlights cover the Our country of focus initiative, involving the talents of Aotearoa New Zealand and Pasifika; the In your suburb program, which takes the festival to the city’s libraries; a Mother’s Day tea party at Customs House; and exhibits that explore the intersection between books and the visual arts at the State Library cp-line



Trying new wines can be a stressful quest. There are so many wines to choose from, from such a wide range of vineyards, it’s hard to know where to start. Fresh Blood simplifies this process for you and your significant other – making the choice for both of you. That means you can sit down, grab whatever glass suits you, and sip.

It’s no wonder the concept was a hit in London, or made its Australian debut in 2021. Returning to Brisbane on Saturday May 7, Fresh Blood’s latest Australian event will focus on ten winemakers emerging from South Australia – and will also show some love to a few producers from New Zealand and France as well.

Wondering what you’ll push back? De SA, Moorak, Evans Evans, Parley and State of Nature are among the labels. From further afield, ultra-rare natural drops from Mille Dieux, Bryterlater, Bonnet-Ponson and Fumey Châtelain are on display.

With the event taking place at Rita’s, Siffredi’s and Zero Fox, you can also snack on stand-up snacks at all three restaurants. You have to line that stomach, after all. Tickets are $65 per day, which covers noon or 5 p.m. admission, a take-out tasting glass, wines to sip, and a snack.


Bruce Heath


Usually, you and your loved one don’t go to someone’s house to see a live theater performance. You don’t normally go to an underground tank, walk to a church, walk through an old paint factory, enter a nursery, or sit on a pier either. But, as the name suggests, performances can take place in many Anywhere Festival locations. Indeed, bars, restaurants, sports clubs, cafes, universities, alleys and shops are some of the most ordinary places.

From Thursday 5th May to Sunday 22nd May, this huge festival takes over Brisbane, giving you a whole host of date options. If you’re new to Anywhere Festival, the key element really is it all in its moniker – and this year, for the Brisbane run, that means 60 productions staging over 500 shows during the event. It also means turning any space possible into an art space, including backyards, World War II aircraft engine test facilities, and Senate chambers. However, the one type of place you won’t see at an Anywhere Festival performance? A traditional theatre.

In its creative and improvised venues around the city, everything is on display, from theatre, comedy, dance and cabaret to music, circus, spoken word and poetry. The 2022 festival kicks off with a big party in the alley of Fish Lane, with pop-up performances – then expands to a cabaret under the roof of a 117-year-old church, tunes and French treats in a garden center and a show at the Sir Thomas Planetarium in Brisbane focusing on the Northern Lights.

Also on the program: a series of intimate circus performances in the parks of Moorooka, Morningside, Nudgee and at Northey Street City Farm; an escape room-style show in a cafe; an interpretation of Little Shop of Horrors; a deliciously called thriller Bowlo Murder; and a 1920s-style murder mystery that draws inspiration from Agatha Christie. Or, there’s a traveling, immersive performance that turns that aforementioned paint factory into an intergalactic prison, plus sea shanties in the Spring Hill Reservoir.


Top image: Gus Eagleton — Two Rivers 2021, collaboration with Fintan Magee, Beenleigh.

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