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What to know about Good Finance Credit personal loan?

The money they lend you comes directly from investors who trust Good Finance Credit. In this way, the profitability and benefits for all are greater .

The great advantage of this type of financing is that you can get money when banks or other lenders deny it.

What to know about Good Finance Credit personal loan?


The maximum credit limit is $ 40,000 and can be returned in a period between 24 and 72 months .

The interest rate is fixed , that is, the monthly installment will always be the same. This fee will depend on the amount of the loan, its duration and its Nominal Interest Rate (TIN).

They propose loans from 5.75% TIN (Nominal Interest Rate), with a monthly installment starting at $ 18.95 and with a maximum APR of up to 26.92%.

Good Finance Credit charges a management fee

Good Finance Credit charges a management fee

Good Finance Credit charges a management fee that will vary depending on the profile of each client (the average is 4%).

When you apply for the loan, Good Finance Credit will offer you the option of taking out insurance . In the event that you hire Good Finance insurance, you will pay the cost of said insurance along with the monthly loan fee. The amount of insurance varies depending on the value of the loan and the return date, among other factors.

Good Finance Credit is a secure online credit platform, based on the “marketplace” model.

How does Good Finance Credit work?

How does Good Finance Credit work?

Its technology allows you to request a loan directly from your community of professional investors (individuals, companies, insurers, foundations, pension funds, etc.) quickly and online. It makes possible an optimal circulation of financial flows between investors and you .

The only remuneration of Good Finance Credit is the management expense that is deducted from the loan amount. This commission is included in the APR of the loan.