Here are ideas put forward for temporary use of the Teville de Worthing gate until it is redeveloped

The most recent owner, Mosaic, has been granted a building permit to construct the 378-home ‘Station Square’ development in Teville Gate, but told council it intends to sell the land in 2020 due to the uncertainty surrounding it. the pandemic.

Map of potential temporary uses of Porte Teville

The sale is now complete and the council has paid £ 7.4million (including costs) for the site.

This is less than the previously approved £ 8.1million budget for the purchase.

WBC intends to sell the land for development over the next three years, but, in the meantime, is looking for ways to use the site.

Potential uses will be presented at a meeting of the Joint Strategy Committee on Tuesday, December 7.

Possible temporary uses for the Teville gate

What will happen now? Will the site remain empty?

The graffiti that currently adorns the site’s signs is ready to disappear.

A path connecting the city to the raï station, which was closed in 2018, will be re-established.

The council acknowledged that – despite purchasing the site with the aim of “unlocking” it – it is “likely to remain underdeveloped for some time while revised plans are made.”

Aerial view of the presently empty Teville Gate site

As a result, the site has been marketed for potential uses in the meantime.

Earthworks in the amount of £ 300,000 will be carried out in preparation and will be financed with the money remaining from the purchase of the site.

Brownfield regeneration company QED Sustainable Urban Developments has now made an offer to use the site before it is sold.

If advisers approve, it could see workspaces; a performance hall; a skatepark; padel courts; community food and drink outlets and gardens appear in Teville Gate.

The site cleared from the Porte de Teville

QED previously worked with Adur and Worthing Councils to supply the level 1 site to the multi-story parking lot in Grafton.

The Worthing companies would have priority for space at Teville Gate if plans go ahead; an offer which will then be extended to Sussex companies.

“The units would be targeted to support the little guys with the big ideas,” QED said.

A performance hall could accommodate between 600 and 800 people while a padel court and skate park would appeal to a younger audience and offer sports facilities to residents.

Community gardens could also be set up, which “would make gardening more accessible” and “share knowledge about food cultivation”, according to QED.

The company estimates that 100 full-time jobs could be created if the plans come to fruition.

The existing site of Teville Gate seen from the south

South Downs Leisure has announced its support for the QED proposals.

If planning and licensing permissions are granted, the above plans could become a reality by the spring or summer of next year, according to the council.

Preparing the site for sale is expected to cost between £ 530,000 and £ 555,000 through 2023/24 and will be shared between City Council and its partner London & Continental Railways (LCR Developments).

LCR will work with city council to promote and develop Teville Gate before selling the site.

He previously worked with Union Place development advice.

LCR will also buy a 14% share of the site, with a payment of £ 1million, and will also provide staff for the project.

The council’s top priorities for the site include maximizing housing – especially affordable housing – and securing government funding.

The demolition of a multi-story building on the site and the construction of a new car park were already funded by £ 1.8million of local growth funding in 2016.

The board hopes that additional funding can be obtained from Homes England, the Leveling Up Fund or the Brownfield Development Fund.

Head of Council Kevin Jenkins (Con, Gaisford), who has served as an executive member of Regeneration, said: “We are still 100% committed to bringing this site back to life temporarily by using it for outdoor events. and longer term for new homes.

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