Ideas sought for the old station

WELCOME IDEAS: Mayor Lynette Martin and Tim Coote said the building will hopefully be put to good use soon.

Elsie Adamo

Mount Gambier City Council is looking to the community for advice on how to best use the old train station.

Following last year’s renovations, the building has been restored and is almost ready to be reactivated.

Other work will be completed before July 2022 on the equipment of public toilets and the modernization of air conditioning and ventilation.

City Growth chief executive Tim Coote said he hopes the community will be able to identify the best use for the structure.

“We’re going to go to the market to get a feel for the ideas that are out there,” he said.

“We’re really doing a market sounding, wanting to reach out as much as possible.

“It’s almost the opposite of what we’re doing now, going to the market and seeing what comes up, instead of saying what we want and why.

“It’s an open call to explore some ideas. “

Mr Coote said he didn’t want to venture into guessing what the space might be and encouraged creative solutions.

“The building is obviously a fantastic building in itself, and the space in front of the building has been very well adopted by the community. he said.

“We are only a few hundred yards from the main corner in the center of Mount Gambier, and the way we activate the lanes between them provides a real opportunity for the community. “

Any idea for the site will have to take into account the heritage status of the structure and therefore cannot include modifications to the building itself.

Mr Coote stressed that any idea should take into account some key criteria such as connecting to the CBD, honoring the history of the buildings and improving the enclosure of the railway grounds.

Mount Gambier City Council Mayor Lynette Martin said it was wonderful that the site could retain its history, while making better use of space.

“It’s an interesting way to do it, to go out and see what’s available,” Ms. Martin said.

“There might be ideas that we’re not aware of, and people see potential for the building that could fit perfectly into the space, so it’s going to be a really interesting process.”

Concerns were raised at a council meeting in December about vandalism at the site, but Mayor Martin said she was not concerned about an increased risk of vandalism than anywhere else in town.

At the time of printing, there was no vandalism or graffiti on the site.

The initial market sounding process will open in the first quarter of 2022 for a period of eight weeks.

Suitable candidates will be invited to further explore the commerciality of their concept in collaboration with the Council.

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