Introducing Lederrick, aka Paintingwithpoison, Egyptian-American Producer Taking Music Production to the Next Level

American singer, artist and producer of Egyptian origin, Sheriff Lederrick, also known by his stage name, Paintingwithpoison, has taken the music production world by storm with his talent for producing hits upon hits.

Born in Cairo but raised in Pittsburgh, the talented 26-year-old producer has worked with emerging artists such as GothBoiClique, Lil Peep (whom he holds in high regard and considers him a role model), HorseHead and Coldhart.

Lederrick first ventured into music production as a teenager, but has always had a thriving connection to music throughout his life. “I grew up listening to everything my mom played. She played a lot of Bob Marley; then as I got older I listened to a lot of indie rock and experimental music genres. Everything from Phish to Spacemen 3 to Nine Inch Nails. I took up rap in high school. I first started producing when I was 19, but I have mostly played with music and instruments all my life.

Before finding his feet in music production, Lederrick had to reconcile school and work with his musical life. “The challenges I faced were mainly trying to balance school and working long hours with being also obsessed with music and wanting to spend all my time doing it,” said himself. he remembers.

Lederrick eventually overcame these challenges and has since grown into a highly regarded music producer. Today, he is a fan of rap, techno and rock. He had to experiment with a lot of different types of music to stay interested in doing it year after year. In fact, it’s worth mentioning that Lederrick was one of the initiators of the emo rock beat wave before moving on to melodic spiritual techno.

When not in the studio making hit songs, Lederrick tends to other Bringing Home Bacon businesses, including stock and crypto trading, and more recently real estate. And, when he wants to relax after weeks of working on projects, Lederrick spends his hobby painting, doing street art, putting on shows, designing clothes, admiring architecture, traveling. , to discover new cultures.

Lederrick is a man with plans and visions. He has plans in place to release future music projects and works of art. “My plan for my next project is to release a vinyl with a zine. I like to release musical projects as a global experience and create rare and interesting types of products, ”he revealed.

Lederrick has been in music for over 8 years and has seen the good and the bad in the music industry. “The most valuable lesson I learned was to stay independent at all costs. Never sign anything unless you have huge leverage because the industry makes a living defrauding people over their music rights, ”he said.

To his fans and the younger ones, Lederrick has a simple message of advice: “Be yourself and ignore what everyone else thinks about you, never give up, it takes at least five years to get somewhere, perfect your skills. ‘first your job and then everything else will fall. place. “Lederrick is an embodiment of that message. With determination and perseverance he stuck to his craft and today he is on his way to greatness.

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