Life Listens: New music from Suede, Crush, Della Ding Dang and more

If your main knowledge of the South Korean singer-songwriter comes from the ballads he sang for hit K-dramas like Goblin (2016), Crash Landing On You (2019), and Itaewon Class (2020), throw a look at the video clip of his first release since being discharged from military service in August.

In Rush Hour, he dances up a storm with star rapper J-Hope of K-pop boy band BTS.

The MV opens with a scene of a yellow taxi, reminiscent of those seen on the streets of Seoul or New York, and continues into a larger stylized set of a crowded city with walls of graffiti. , neon signs, bus stops and cars.

Crush appears first in a trendy bucket hat and plaid shirt combo to remind fans that not only can he sing his soul on touching ballads, but he’s also a rap and dance powerhouse. With its smooth pops and rolls, the video feels current and trendy while still retaining a bit of old school charm thanks to the funky music.

And the fun factor intensifies when J-Hope shows up. Known as BTS’ best dancer, he is at his peak with the cheeky, groovy and relaxed vibe of Rush Hour’s choreography. Coupled with the large cast of dancers supporting the duo, the clip feels like a party with the coolest kids on the block.

Jan Lee

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