Look inside the art deco building hidden by the flyover for 50 years

If you take a stroll down Dale Street in Liverpool city center you will find an art deco building that has been hidden by flyover for 50 years.

The building has housed the Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Service (LCVS) for over a century and has a stunning interior and a spiral staircase.

It had been hidden from view by the Churchill flyby since 1970, until the massive concrete structures were demolished in 2019.

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The flyovers connected Lime Street with Dale Street and Tithebarn Street in the city – but in 2019 City Council began the hugely complex and disruptive task of bringing them down.

The demolition cost £ 6.75million and uncovered a corner of Liverpool that was partially hidden for decades.

LCVS was founded in 1909, after the Mayor of Liverpool, H Chaloner Dowdall, called a meeting with various charities in the city to discuss the creation of a body that would help them cooperate with each other and with public authorities. .

Today the organization provides support, training and advice to individuals and charities in the Liverpool City area.

Photos taken in January of last year after the bridge was demolished show the magnificent building and offer a glimpse of what it looks like inside.

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