Mangoes, Church Street, Falmouth graffiti design

Advisors reacted in horror to a redesign of the exterior of a Falmouth nightclub saying it looked like a bomb site.

The Star bars and clubs that run Mangos on Church Street have submitted a graffiti overhaul on the club’s upper floors.

The design includes three self-adhesive vinyl displays showing a corrugated steel design, with graffiti logos, applied to the windows on the first floor.

But the redesign proposal was met with horror by Falmouth City Council planning committee advisers who described it as ‘appalling’ and ‘appalling’.

Cllr John Spargo said: “It’s hard to be polite about this one, it’s just a terrible proposition. I’m not sure what they’re trying to do upstairs, but it has looks appalling.

“It doesn’t improve the conservation area nor does it have any positive effect on it. I understand that they want to advertise their business at the bottom, but at the top, I don’t know what they think it is. ‘they do, it’s awful.

He added: “It looks like Falmouth was bombed last week and that’s how they made a temporary repair.”

Cllr Marcella Morgan said the design didn’t match Falmouth at all, also describing the summit as “just awful” and saying: “It looks awful.”

Advisors recommend refusal as the top floor design was totally unsympathetic to the conservation area.

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