Mangos, Falmouth toned down front design given the go ahead

An EXPECTED version of the advertising designs on the front of a popular nightclub and bar was eventually cleared by county planners.

A previous graffiti design for Mangos on Church Street had been rejected by planners after being described as both “appalling” and “appalling” by Falmouth councilors.

It will no longer have the graffiti design on the front that originally caused such controversy.

Following the denial, the owners of Star Pubs and Bars Limited resubmitted a very toned down version of the design and it was approved by the Cornwall Council Planning Committee last week after being recommended for approval by Falmouth City Council. There is no sign of the graffiti design.

The company said it was in regular contact with the case officer to try to find a solution to the first floor window problem that was acceptable to all parties. “In the end, this was not possible and we did not have enough time to change our proposal to a regular frosted vinyl. Therefore, we did not change our plans and resubmit,” they declared.

Falmouth City Council planners gave conditional approval to the new design in July.

Justifying the change, the applicant’s agent said: “I spoke with Councilor[John Spargo of Falmouth City Council after he raised some concerns about our original proposal, a consultation and various other proposals, which have all were found to be inappropriate, our above request was denied. Therefore, we simply proposed to apply plain frosted vinyl panels to the first floor windows to obscure the unsightly internal cinder block wall from view at floor level. Street .

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