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When she’s not directing up-and-coming musician LOLA, designing as part of creative duo Chamu, or sharing style tips on TikTok, Sharkkana defies the fourth dimension and somehow finds the time. to direct Sharkkini. A streetwear and swimwear company designed for the “grown-up and sexy,” she sees her turning her boundless talents into limited runs of micro skirts, bikini sets, and cropped hoodies. If you’re on the cutting edge of fashion and music or love spotting the next it-girl, you’ll have seen her dyed blue hair and cut-out looks on your feed. Or will very soon, trust us.

From swimwear to talent management to styling, you’re a true polymath. What is the power of multi-creativity?

For so long I’ve been made to think I should only focus on one thing, but there’s so much to be gained from tapping into different creative skills. They all work hand in hand and give me a better overall understanding. It also allows me to pivot and explore my different interests, which allows me to feel inspired.

When did you dye your hair blue? What was the spark for this and how does this represent your creative psyche?

I dyed it on my birthday in July last year and I’ve been blue ever since. Honestly, I just wanted to. I’ve always been pretty experimental with my hair. Whether it was different colors, shaving, braids, so it was not a big deal. It’s like me right now.

What would we find on your TikTok? What creative part of you do we get a glimpse of?

My TikTok is my safe space. It’s filter-free and worry-free. I share a lot of my creative process there for my Sharkkini brand, which has been a lot of fun. As well as fashion, food, work, BTS – basically my life!

How to break a creative block?

If this happens it’s usually a sign that I need to take some space away from everything. So that’s when I focus on self-care and pleasure.

How important is your mindset to achieving your creative goals or feeling confident with your own style?

It is the most important ! It’s hard to stay confident, especially if you’re doing something outside of the norm or what’s celebrated in the mainstream; you must constantly remind yourself that you are enough. You have to believe that anything is possible and move with that energy.

What does audacity/boldness look like to you?

Be shamelessly yourself.

What item or outfit looks like a true representation of your personality?

A cup of Yorkshire tea. A hug in a cup!

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