Meghana Kiran reinvents conventional design standards through knitwear

Most designers are constantly exploring fashion as a means of representation for a larger group. They seek to base their collections on culture, identity and ethos in order to speak to communities. This is where young menswear designer Meghana Kiran is carving out a unique niche for herself using fashion for self-exploration.

She finds an inclination for design that comes naturally to her instead of creating for the purpose of obligation to a community. Meghana thinks her designs tend to reflect her personal story which in itself is connected to so many people. Confident in her own distinctive journey, the self-taught knitwear designer managed to tackle different subsections.

His unique approach seeks to reinvent menswear by challenging conventional design narratives. Plus, flipping a traditional approach, Meghana creates a rare pattern of deconstructed knitwear. This quirky spin features vivid designs, palettes and patterns that are hard to find in the menswear market. Plus, it embraces beauty in chaos with unfinished edges and intentional loose ends.

The artist plays with knits to navigate human conditions such as existential crises and more using yarns as a mode of therapy. What started as a coping mechanism turned into a means of discovery while providing comfort in creation. As intricate work requires immense concentration, by producing works of art with knitting, Meghana tends to achieve a sense of liberation.

The fashion is constantly evolving and currently modifying its existing operating operation. It both hinders the environment and destroys individual taste in a pool of mass-produced clothing. So it’s important that creatives like Meghana dismantle the existing system with unconventional thinking and designs rooted in ethical consumption.

Discover his collections here.

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