My hot ideas for new candles that HEB might create but haven’t done yet

Yesterday we covered the news that Texas grocery store HEB has launched a line of candles inspired by popular store inventory like “butter tortillas” and “two-bite brownies”. As the crowd’s reaction indicates, the gimmick is bound to be a success.

However, with such a large inventory, we believe the grocery chain could think bigger in terms of the product line it could crystallize in candle form. While my favorite HEB product, the Central Market Spicy Texas Hummus, wouldn’t exactly make an inviting candle to burn before entertaining guests, here are other things inspired by HEB products that I think could have a big impact in the kitchen. House.

That’s right. Now you can one piece with the scent of Two Bite Brownies.

Courtesy of HEB

HEB Cafe Ole candles (Cinnamon Hazelnut flavor, in particular)

Let’s face it, every flavor in the HEB Cafe Ole range of coffee deserves a dedicated candle in its honor. With flavors ranging from Texas Pecan to A Taste of San Antonio, who could resist? The Cinnamon Hazelnut flavor, however, would make a particularly exceptional addition to the range. This very morning, I made several cups of this stuff in my fragile IKEA French press. Waiting for my hot mug to cool was a built-in aromatherapy session, while the caffeine immediately brightened my day. If that same power could be harnessed by the forces of wick and wax, then let’s just say I would be a loyal customer.

My package of Café Ole Cinnamon Hazelnut.

My package of Café Ole Cinnamon Hazelnut.

Camille Sauers

The HEB French bread candle

Every Texan knows the feeling of walking through an HEB bakery and being confronted with the mouth-watering aroma of warm French breads wrapped in a thermally pleated insulating sheet. I swear to God the pumps in the store smell like air conditioning vents. It is this strong. The next logical conclusion for something with so much scent is to make a candle out of it. This one would be perfect for novice chefs trying to replace the burnt smell of their kitchens with something a little more inviting.

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Literally, a candle from the HEB Blooms floral department

The HEB floral department is always a magical and kitsch space with fresh cuts, fragrant flowers and various knick-knacks that pair well with a sweet bouquet. Walking offers an opportunity to lift your spirits, brighten up your home, and wonder why the guy you are seeing right now never has you. An HEB candle called “the floral ray” would be an instant cult hit, perfect for freshening up a bathroom or after a good floor cleaning.

HEB bakery concha candle

A concha candle would be a natural choice because if done correctly, the scent should be delicately warm and sweet, with perhaps subtle hints of cinnamon. It would create a nice atmosphere when turned on, especially in winter when the windows are frosted and you are trying to cultivate a cozy atmosphere. HEB bakery concha candles have the potential to be cute and colorful, making them a great gift for any concha lover in your life.

The HE-Buddy candle

This 20-year-old store mascot iconic candle would smell of crispy Buddy Bucks and brown paper bags. The paper scent would perhaps include hints of sandalwood, creating a peppery yet subtle masculine scent. The candle will be called “We’ve got another winner” inspired by the iconic grocery bag slogan. I will be the first to buy this candle and light it in every room of my apartment.

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