Nail art ideas for National Day 2022 – beyond red and white on your greenhouses

Year after year, our Singapore skyline lights up in August; a dazzling fireworks display takes over as the famous National Day parade draws to a close, accompanied by a textural cacophony of striking performances from the marching band and local acts. Much of the nation gathers on the grandstand or around the Marina Bay area, all rushing downtown to witness the annual event and celebrate that the country is one year older. And whether it’s a front-row seat at the parade or a makeshift picnic opportunity in a more secluded part of town, the evening’s color palette is obviously clear, as the red and white combo hits our part of town, not bothering anyone.

Featured as the colors of the nation, as seen on our national flag, the color combination is decidedly bold and usually reserved for special occasions. For some, their wardrobes might not be so forgiving: An outfit worn in previous years might no longer be an option for this year’s large-scale celebrations after the pandemic, but buying a whole new look could also doesn’t sound like the most tenable alternative out there. Perhaps then we will take advantage of this moment to remind you of the possibility of always sporting your little piece of red and white, albeit on your greenhouses instead. Acting as the perfect canvases to infuse a little patriotic fun into your weekend look, your numbers really are the best way to liven up a more streamlined look with just a hint of the nation’s colors or to sync up an already coordinated ensemble. . from head to toes.

But you might be wondering: how many ways are there to express a single color combination on our nails? With the help of some of the most recognized artists and their creative ingenuity, it seems the sky is the limit. In this case, your numbers could take on a bold chromatic display of the color palette or perhaps take on an ephemeral vibe via abstract swirls and 3D printed elements. Either way, it’s the transitional, noncommittal nature of it all that gives you the freedom to adopt any look you want on your greenhouses. To help you, we’ve rounded up an innovative range of manicure moments – from cherry red tips to youthful expressions of the color combo that will last beyond the weekend – to add to your nail art inspiration in tune with the celebrations.

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