Nam June Paik Art in Process: Part One Gagosian NYC

Gagosian has unveiled the first part of a two-show series of works by iconic Korean-American artist, Nam June Paik. Recognized as a pioneer of video art, Paik’s compelling installations are influenced by the vast international background that has shaped him – from his hometown of Seoul to college in Japan and then to East Germany. West where he became a full member of the Fluxus artistic movement of the 1950s, in New York, where Paik became more rooted in the avant-garde movements of the 1960s.

In Art in Progress: Part One, the gallery features a diverse range of paintings and video sculptures spanning four decades of Paik’s career. Inspired by a variety of global and historical references, such as the Silk Road, Indian sculptures and the advent of television, Paik’s multimedia work serves as a precursor to today’s hyper-connected world filled with mass communication. , artificial intelligence and the blurring of artistic disciplines. .

The exposure will be on view at 555 West 24th Street in Gagosian through July 22. second part of the series will debut at the gallery’s Park & ​​75 outpost in New York City from July 19 through August 26.

In other art-related news, Tom Sachs unveiled two concurrent exhibitions in Seoul.

555 West 24th Street,
New York, NY 10011

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