New Music Friday: Ed Sheeran, Camila Cabello, Megan Thee Stallion, Katy Perry and more!

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Oct 29, 2021 9:39 AM

It’s Friday, Friday, it’s got to be Friday – especially when it’s New Music Friday! We’re breaking down this week’s best new leads to keep on your radar.

New Music Friday – October 29, 2021

Ed Sheeran – “Graffiti from the Viaduct”, more = (ALBUM)

The math-related album titles continue! Ed Sheeran’s fourth studio album = has been in the works since 2017, and four years later, it’s FINALLY here. We find there the last tracks of Sheeran “Shivers”, “Visiting Hours”, and of course “Bad Habits”. The latest single from the album “Overpass Graffiti” is the perfect follow-up single that really encompasses what Ed Sheeran is made of. If you are looking for an album about love, growth and fatherhood, look no further! While you’re at it, check out our interview with Ed Sheeran.

Camila Cabello, Myke Towers, Tainy – “Oh Na Na”

Princess of Latin Pop, Camila Cabello makes us want to get up and dance this New Music Friday! After her contagious track “Don’t Go Yet”, the singer continues with “Oh Na Na” alongside Tainy and Myke Towers. Ironically, her pop star boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, also recently collaborated with Tainy on their summer track “Summer Of Love”. Cabello clearly knows how to incorporate his Latin elements into a jaw-dropping pop song and we can’t wait to see what happens next. Familia time.

Megan Thee Stallion – “Bae Goals”, more Something for you hotties (MIXED)

Megan Thee Stallion isn’t playing any tricks this Halloween! Instead, she offers fans her latest mixtape Something for you hotties which features 16 songs! Previous songs that have been released include “Thot Shit”, “Tuned In Freestyle”, “Outta Town Freestyle” and “South Side Forever Freestyle”. The archive mixtape is a freshest of Megan’s raw talent and is the perfect hot, sneaky mixtape to play this Halloween weekend!

Katy Perry – “All You Need Is Love” (COVER)

Released on her birthday, Katy Perry covers the iconic Beatles classic “All You Need Is Love” for the recent GAP commercial. Perry noted that it was a dream time considering it’s such a popular song, but also because she worked part-time at GAP! Talk about a looping moment. Fans of the original song will appreciate this cover that infuses modern elements but stays true to the classic song. Plus, who doesn’t love Katy Perry ?!

David Guetta – “Family” exploit. Bebe Rexha, Ty Dolla $ ign, A Boogie Wit da Pullover Hoodie

David Guetta brings together Bebe Rexha, Ty Dolla $ ign and A Boogie With Da Hoodie to create “Family”. Lyrically, the song gives off Fast and furious vibrations given the meaning behind it. “I have no friends, I have family” is a song for the first day that still holds you back. Each artist brings a fresh and vibrant element to this track, and it will totally be a song you can play on and thank those around you.

Macklemore – The “Next Year” feat. Windser

After the year we have just lived, Macklemore steps in to remind us that “next year will be better than this.” The “Thrift Shop” rapper is making his comeback alongside Windser to provide a hopefully clue that things can only get us out of here. “Next Year” offers all of those elements of Macklemore’s previous tracks that make it so enjoyable to listen to. If “Next Year” means we’re getting a new Macklemore album, then next year will be really good!

A $ AP Ferg – “Green Juice” exploit. Pharrell Williams, The Neptunes

Ferg has teamed up with legendary producer Pharrell Williams and the Neptunes to bring fans his latest track “Green Juice”. The song is a whole vibe that will leave you ready to hit this weekend with whatever you’ve got. Not to mention that the visuals of music are out of this world. A $ AP Ferg has really stepped up the game and added a new element to their already impressive track collection.

Kid Cudi, Jay-Z – “Guns Go Bang”

From the soundtrack of the film by The more they fall, Kid Cudi teams up with the legendary Jay-Z to deliver “Guns Go Bang”. The song sets up the Western tone of the upcoming Netflix movie perfectly. The story follows an outlaw who finds out that his enemy is released from prison and seeks revenge. “Guns Go Bang” takes us on a journey and only ignites more excitement for The more they fall.

Conan Gray – “Telepath”

Even been with someone who is always with you but who always comes back for me? Well, Conan Gray brings us pop perfection with “Telepath”. Gray teased this’ 80s-inspired song on TikTok and fans are excited to finally have it full! With lyrics like “You’ll send me garbage that you should have left in drafts,” this song is an upbeat reminder that

Other notable versions include Meghan Trainor – “Swing around the Christmas tree” more A Very Trainor Christmas Deluxe (ALBUM), Johnny Orland – “You’re just drunk“, Devon Cole – “Nobody’s a Baby”, French Montana – “I don’t care”, Pentatonix – “I just called to say I love you” more Evergreen (ALBUM), Mike Posner – “Amor Fati”, emlyn – “God sent me as karma”, Andrew Hyatt – “Don’t change a thing”, Alicia Keys – “The Best of Me”, JORDY – “South Dakota”, Tiera – Gentleman, and Faouzia – “Puppet”.

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Summer Walker – Always On It (ALBUM)

Summer Walker is here to prove that she is ON THIS AGAIN, which cleverly recalls his first album Above! The album includes her recent collaboration with JT From City Girls “Ex For A Reason”. The album is scheduled for release on November 5, 2021.

JORDY – Mind games (ALBUM)

Queer pop star JORDY is set to release her debut album, Mind games. After a string of fantastic EPs and singles including hits like “Better In My Head”, “Till It Hurts”, “Just Friends”, “PSYCHO”, “Long Distance” and more, we can’t wait to see what the new artist brings to the table with Mind games November 5, 2021.

Small mix – Between us (ALBUM)

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Little Mix, the girl group is releasing an album of the greatest hits as well as 5 new songs! This will be the first album the band will release without former member Jesy Nelson, and will feature the previously released track “Love (Sweet Love)”. Small mixtures Between us releases November 12, 2021.

Taylor Swift – RED (Taylor version) (ALBUM)

Are you ready to be “happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time” again? As we all know, Taylor Swift is re-recording all of her old albums, as seen with her re-release of Intrepid (Taylor version), and it looks like Red (Taylor version) is next on her list! The album will contain the 30 original songs that were to continue Red, including the 10 minute version requested by fans of “All Too Well”. The highly anticipated album was originally slated for November 19; however, it has been pushed back and is now set for a November 12, 2021 release date, so as not to compete with a new release from another female artist.

Adele – 30 (ALBUM)

After years of waiting, Adele makes her triumphant return with her fourth studio album 30. The singer gives this album the title of “ride or die throughout the most eventful period of my life.” The album is said to be a gift to her son to explain her divorce and why she chose to pursue her own happiness. Adele’s highly anticipated comeback album is set to be released on November 19, 2021, and it’s sure to spark ALL sensations.

Monsta X – The dream

Beloved K-Pop group Monsta X have announced their upcoming English-language album, The dream. The group gave a taste with their track “One Day” which sits comfortably in the Top 40 of the charts, making them the second K-Pop group in history to achieve it. Their album is out on December 10, 2021, however, you can pre-order it now!

Years and years – Night call (ALBUM)

Olly Alexander is coming out with her first solo album under the name Years & Years. Night call is scheduled for release January 7, 2022. The album will include the previously released singles “Starstruck” and “Crave”.

Bryan Adams – So happy that it hurts

Beloved Canadian rocker Bryan Adams is set to release his 15th album, titled, So happy that it hurts. The star has previously released the single “So Happy It Hurts” and he describes the song as “the freedom, the self-reliance, the spontaneity and the thrill of the high road” so we can’t wait to see what will happen for the rest. of the album when it drops in March 2022.

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