Harris County to Spend $ 50 Million to Tackle Crime Through ‘Environmental Design’

Austin, Texas, October 13, 2021 – Harris County Commissioners unanimously approved an amended proposal to spend $ 50 million to fight crime by planting trees, clearing vacant lots, adding street lights and building sidewalks. County Judge Lina Hidalgo (D) and Commissioner Adrian Garcia (D-Pct. 2) announced the proposal at a press conference on Tuesday morning […]

Miriam Carpenter exhibition at the Michener Art Museum

“FEATHERS”: Works by Miriam Carpenter are featured in “Shaping the Ethereal,” her first solo show at the Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The exhibition is visible until March 20. The Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, now presents “Miriam Carpenter: Shaping the Ethereal”, an exhibition featuring sculptures, furniture, prints and drawings by cabinet maker, […]

Social Media “Brings Antisemitic Ideas to the New Generation” | Social media

A new generation of users of “younger” social media platforms such as TikTok are being introduced to anti-Semitic ideas that would be unlikely to be encountered elsewhere, according to a report. The research comes amid warnings that those embroiled in conspiracy theories around Covid-19 risk adopting anti-Semitic views. He revealed that Google searches the UK […]

Introducing Lederrick, aka Paintingwithpoison, Egyptian-American Producer Taking Music Production to the Next Level

American singer, artist and producer of Egyptian origin, Sheriff Lederrick, also known by his stage name, Paintingwithpoison, has taken the music production world by storm with his talent for producing hits upon hits. Born in Cairo but raised in Pittsburgh, the talented 26-year-old producer has worked with emerging artists such as GothBoiClique, Lil Peep (whom […]

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