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Pak is one of the most influential and impactful creators of digital art in the NFT/cryptoart landscape. He is known for his innovative work with blockchain technology, including founding the Ethereum-based artist collective, cryptograffiti. Pak is also a member of the Ethereum Foundation’s Security Working Group and served on the board of Rhizome’s ArtBase platform.

Known for challenging the status quo, whether introducing new collection mechanisms, such as now-common open editing, or introducing crucial (often contentious) conversation, Pak’s work extends far beyond typical artistic experience.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that collectors will now have the ability to buy or sell artwork on the secondary market from high-demand Pak versions, whether deposited on other platforms, such as Merge or LostPoets, or published on MakersPlace, such as The Creation. Purchasing a creation from any of these collections on MakersPlace allows you to benefit from a guarantee of authenticity and a low commission of only 0.5%.


Merge introduces a new collecting mechanism, with a built-in rarity mechanism that allows collectors to combine many “mass” NFTs into one dynamic token. If a Collector acquires more than one Mass NFT, they will merge into a single Mass NFT with a summed Mass value. The size and shape of collection tokens change with the amount of mass they have accumulated. Fusion tokens can also be used with mace. black, a soon-to-be-released grievance mechanism that is part of the Burn and ASH ecosystem.

collector’s gift

To celebrate the arrival of the Merge Collection to the MakersPlace-verified third-party marketplace, we will be purchasing several Merge NFTs listed on MakersPlace and gifting the tokens to lucky community members. Past or present collectors of Pak’s Creations on MakersPlace (including Terminus or The Creation) as well as current owners of Merge and LostPoets with a verified account and connected wallet will automatically be entered into the contest.

lost poets

LostPoets is an NFT collectible and strategy game. The NFT collection includes 65536 available NFTs and 1024 original NFTs.

Unlike many other NFT collectibles, these NFT Poets are not constructed from modular parts. Each poet is created by an AI that was developed specifically for this purpose. They are diverse, sophisticated and most importantly they are all unique and different from each other.

Each poet is from one of the 1024 pure origin NFTs. Origins are manipulated by 256 different latent genes, giving each poet individuality, value and meaning.

Collectors will be able to name their Poets and create their own tales. Accordingly, the explorers of this civilization will shape it.

The entire LostPoets experience will take place in 6 acts, with a new component of the project introduced with each act.

Learn more about LostPoets and its roadmap on the project website.


What if the creative process was a collective journey? A fortuitous exchange between the creator and the collectors? The Creation is a bold concept from famed digital creator Pak that takes you, the collector, into his creative process.

The Creation consisted of 35 x 16 tiles, each depicting a unique section of a recreation of Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam”. Each tile obtained contributed to the final creation, turning collectors into creators of the final work.

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