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Go Under the Hammer – The Western Undercliff Elevator

The Grade II * listed Art Deco elevator at the Western Undercliff in Ramsgate must go under the hammer at public auction.

The structure was built around 1926 and had a capacity of 20 passengers. He was listed for asset disposal by Thanet’s board in 2019.

The elevator will be sold by auctioneers Clive Emson. Details are expected to be posted on the auction website at the end of this week.

Documents at the time said: “This is a Grade II * listed elevator from Westcliff Drive to Military Road. Now in poor condition, suffering from graffiti and vandalism. It is recommended to dispose of it at public auction.

Despite the graffiti allegations, the elevator is actually taken care of by volunteers from the Western Undercliff Regeneration Group. In 2017, volunteers installed colorful artwork and new Perspex panels after working for about three months with artists Lee Nicholls and Robert Onion to beautify the elevator.

Volunteers have remodeled the West Cliff elevator, but now the council is selling it Photo Brian Whitehead

The group was successful in securing £ 1,200 from Ramsgate City Council and permission from Thanet Council to replace the plexiglass panels in the well and create art at the top and bottom of the structure.

A spokesperson for the group said: “A local volunteer who is now 80 is taking care of the lower area keeping it free of litter, weeded and freshly painted. He’s been doing this since we gave him the overhaul. He also paints white up next to the gazebo.

The group of volunteers asked Clive Emson to remove the painting from Lee Nicholls’ artwork and be reimbursed for any damage to the painting.

Thanet’s advice has been sought for further details regarding the sale.

The lift is near the Western Undercliff Cafe and Toilets, which were auctioned off by Thanet’s Council in 2018 for £ 100,000.

In 2020 planning approval was given for a cafe, restaurant and apartments on the site, but this year the developer said the proposal could be dropped due to a dispute with Thanet’s board. about additional financial contributions.

Tim Burt, who is a partner of Western Undercliff Ltd, said negotiations with the council’s estates department had failed over a demand for “excessive” payment to allow an overhang on the new building that would pass over the top. trail owned by the council.

There were also issues regarding the site being served by private sewers owned by TDC and permission to connect new construction to them was being denied.

Ramsgate West Cliff Hall was also sold by Thanet’s Council in 2018 for £ 225,000, more than double the guide price. The exasperated sale decision MotorHouse Project, led by Ramsgate resident Janet Fielding, who has been working since 2009 to acquire and renovate the hall to create cinemas; theaters; bars; restaurants, offices and youth centers.

The West Cliff Hall terrace before the cleaning of the Project MotorHouse (2018)

The property, at the Paragon, has been empty for 16 years. It opened in 1914 as a theater, concert hall and place to walk, next to the Royal Baths of Paragon.

The new owner reportedly made several pre-planning requests to renovate the site, but these could not progress.

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