Republic Bank and the RapidFire Foundation honor 12 artistic laureates


Republic Bank and RapidFire Kidz Foundation Art Awards attendees with loved ones and representatives of the foundation and the bank during the awards ceremony in the auditorium of Naparima College, San Fernando. –

Republic Bank has awarded over $19,000 in cash prizes to the 12 winners of the RapidFire Kidz Foundation Art Awards. The bank’s involvement is based on its “belief that children with disabilities can do amazing things”,

Earlier this year, schools and institutes for people with disabilities were contacted by Republic Bank and the RapidFire team to create artwork aligned with the subject of TT Wildlife, according to a press release.

Sixty-nine entries from Trinidad and Tobago were received and 12 winners were selected. The pieces will be transformed into six-by-six-foot murals that will be displayed publicly on the east wall of Skinner Park on Cipero Street in San Fernando.

The awards ceremony was held in the auditorium of Naparima College, San Fernando on October 1.

The objective of the competition was to raise awareness that children with disabilities are like all children; they too have skills, talents and imagination, and are entitled to the same opportunities and respect as everyone else, the statement said.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Kevin Ratiram of RapidFire said, “In an effort to foster an atmosphere of inclusion and respect for our children and their skills, this competition aims to raise awareness of people with disabilities in the general public. The foundation sincerely appreciates Republic Bank’s assistance and commitment to continuing to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Wendy Hanomansingh, Account Manager, Cipero Street, Republic Bank, said: “We have worked with the RapidFire team since 2017 and plan to continue to do so for a very long time as we work to improve the lives of children all over TT. .

Through the bank’s social investment program, The Power to Make A Difference, it has developed and maintained close relationships with its partners to promote understanding and acceptance of developmental disabilities such as autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome and dyslexia, the statement said.

This initiative underscores the bank’s commitment to achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number ten, which is to reduce disparities. The bank said it believes all children should have equal opportunities on all fronts, regardless of ethnicity, color, disability or social status.

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