Ross Art Club commissioned to design and paint new mural on North Street

Members of the Fremont Ross Art Club had the opportunity to merge and turn their ideas into a mural now displayed on North Street across from the Sandusky County Fairgrounds.

Bradley Scherzer, Ross art teacher and club advisor, said Jarrod Hunt, CEO of Wynn-Reeth/RSScontacted him about painting a mural on a building the company recently purchased.

“He was ready to foot the bill,” Scherzer said, adding that it was a perfect situation for the kids to paint a mural. Hunt even arranged to have the outside wall prepped for the students to paint.

Took two weeks to sketch the wall plan

The art club adviser said his club members worked on the sketch for the mural for about two weeks.

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“Students from the art club collaborated on the design,” he said. “The prompt given to us was that it had to be meaningful to the community.”

Scherzer said members of his club chose not to emphasize the Fremont connection, but rather to focus on an Ohio theme with designs for cardinals and carnations – the bird and the state flower and, of course, “Ohio” in their matching designs.

Bradley Scherzer, art teacher at Ross High School, left, works with members of the Art Club on an Ohio-themed mural at the corner of North Front Street and North Street near the Park of exhibitions.

The club adviser took the students’ various artwork ideas and then merged them together using the computer program Photoshop so that they “looked like they belonged together”.

Ross students worked on other local murals

The students participating in the project were:

Brianna Boskovich, Zoe Kerr, Adrianna Lape, Brenda Mejia, Mason Gann, Desiree Risner, Mason Ranker, Nicco Ruiz, Jaylee Scherer, Yasmit Toledo and Connor White.

This isn’t the first time Ross high school students have taken part in local murals.

“Art Club has done murals in the past,” Scherzer said. His students as well as those from St. Joseph High School participated in the Share and Care mural, he said.

Members of the Ross Art Club also participated in the Painting a plow project sponsored annually by the Ohio Department of Transportation, where the blades of state plows are painted before hitting the road in winter.

Members of the Ross Art Club work on an Ohio-themed mural near the fairgrounds.

As for the mural on the Wynn-Reeth Building, the students had a near-perfect week of 80-degree weather to sketch, color-block, and then complete the detailed outlines of their grand design.

“It’s perfect,” Scherzer said of the weather, “except it was full sun.”

The teacher said his students stay hydrated by drinking several bottles of water while painting after school.

He also pointed out that Julie Manton, a day services supervisor from Wynn-Reeth, was their primary contact on the project and also helped paint the mural alongside the students.

Wynn-Reeth wants to get involved in the community

“I did paint,” Manton said. “I kind of jumped in when the others left.”

She said this project was Hunt’s idea. Manton said the business leader’s goal is to ensure businesses are involved in the community. She said going to the art club was a good match because the CEO’s daughter is a former student of Ross and she had taken Scherzer’s class at Ross.

Manton said this new Wynn-Reeth/RSS property will be a remote monitoring center that will provide security services for their operations.

The students – with help from Scherzer – completed the mural in seven hours over three afternoons last week.

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