SAIC Design & MG unveil two futuristic concepts: MAZE, R RYZER

MG’s parent company, SAIC, has unveiled two new concepts that the company believes could pave the way for how we transport ourselves in the future; MG MAZE and R RYZER.

First of all, the R RYZER Concept gives a glimpse of what SAIC Design describes as what you might get when you transform a compact car and motorcycle, with a touch of drama. The pilot – or driver – straps into a futuristic racing suit that actually locks into the seats, eliminating the need for a key and making the term one with the car more meaningful than ever.

SAIC says the R RYZER was designed to recognize our desire to move away from crowded public transport services, combined into a futuristic package that uses augmented reality and new advancements in clothing.

The second, and the more realistic of the two concept vehicles, is the MG MAZE study. He explores the feasibility of an extremely compact two-seater, specially designed for the urban jungle.

The MG MAZE was designed for the rising generation, with a clear focus on bringing gaming to the real world, while being built around the ‘get out and play’ slogan. This resulted in an extremely futuristic styling package and a see-through shell that mimics that of a high-end gaming PC.

Inside there is a set of floating seats and a revolutionary new driving system that allows the rider to take control of the vehicle with a smartphone.

The general design of the MG MAZE was to encourage a younger generation to come out and explore the world, with MG attempting to gamify the process. The company claims that as the MAZE roams the city to popular landmarks and searches for digital street art, a series of point-based achievements and rewards can be unlocked.

Carl Gotham, director of advanced design at SAIC, spoke about the concept, saying:

“The concept is a reaction to our lives over the past few months, where we have faced restrictions and limitations on our ability to move and interact. We wanted to consider what the future of an automotive community might look like, building on MG’s fan base. The digital switchover is unstoppable, so we wanted to create a concept that links this digital realm to the physical realm, which gives us the real pleasure of driving.

Regardless of their feasibility in the real world, at least SAIC is looking to add spice to the future of mobility.

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