Streets Dept Walls Presents: “SPOTLIGHT,” 12 Days of Screened Artwork for Design Philadelphia

So excited to announce the next Streets Department Walls project, “SPOTLIGHT”, a collection of works of art projected in the alley of rue Cuthbert! And it starts today!

“SPOTLIGHT” is presented as part of the DesignPhiladelphia 2022 festival. This exciting new format of temporary public art features the work of four local artists projected onto Cuthbert Street Alley in Center City, Philadelphia.

Every evening from 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. from October 12 to 23 during the DesignPhiladelphia festival, works by Aubrie Costello, Santiago Galeas, Oluwafemi and TAMEARTZ will be projected onto Miguel Antonio Horn’s “ContraFuerte” installation and surrounding architecture with video , painting, animations and graffiti projected in the alley.

Each artist responded to the opportunity in a unique way, working with LANDAU Design+Technology to formulate methods that showcase their respective practices.

Aubrié Costello shares vignettes from their ongoing inclusive multimedia series, THE EROTIC PROJECT, a collection of collaborative photography, film, music and performance art they co-created with over 40 artists recounting new and intimate moments, the expression of identity and the practice of pleasure as mutual care for our collective healing. Details from Santiago Galeas’ recent collection of paintings ‘Semillas de Memoria’ of color queer and trans subjects in vibrant natural settings move down the aisle, highlighting the artist’s use of traditional portraiture and landscape to exploring belonging and establishing a relationship between queerness and nature. Oluwafemi’s visual and musical interdisciplinary art practice and previous work in projected media served as inspiration for SPOTLIGHT. Drawing on previous experiences at the Barnes Foundation and the PMA, the Nigerian-born, Philadelphia-based rhythmist’s new lineup blends influences from hip-hop, math and African culture as he explores the universal phenomenon of pattern and repetition. Drawing inspiration from Taino imagery, graffiti art, writing and culture, Christian “TAMEARTZ” Rodriguez directly intervened on a model of the sculpture and the bridge with the graffiti, the process of which is recreated for the festival through photography and video.

Tour the installation to view the artwork on a loop every night for the duration of the festival or join us in person for a one-night event to cap off the Design Philadelphia festival on October 21 from 6:30-9:30 p.m. down the aisle to celebrate the artists and this unprecedented collaboration!

Sound and video for the project are made possible with support from 10th Floor Productions, Drew Billiau and DJ Juanderful.

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