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Borrow: Steal your credit card? think again

Careless credit card purchases, late payments and rollovers can lead to a debt trap. And unpaid fees can affect your credit score After the Covid-19 pandemic, credit cards have become one of the most popular digital payment methods. The increasing use of credit cards indicates consumer demand for innovative financing options and credit constructs in […]

ELEVATE CREDIT, INC. Discussion and analysis of financial condition and results of operations by management (Form 10-K)

The following Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations (“MD&A”) is intended to help the reader understand our business, our results of operations and our financial condition. The MD&A is provided as a supplement to, and should be read in conjunction with our consolidated financial statements and the related notes and […]

How Immortalizing Street Art Through NFTs and “Art as Activism” Can Save Underfunded Communities

Today’s biggest issues around women’s empowerment, environmental sustainability, climate change and conservation have captured the attention of the world’s brightest minds – giving up the commitment and hype of the celebrity community. Instead, you have project-based social initiatives, where independent artists are stepping up and embracing this new NFT-blockchain technology to not only increase awareness […]

Mississippi Small Business Borrowing Options

Nearly 50% of the more than 6,700 Mississippi business owners surveyed said financial resources were the number one obstacle they faced when starting their business, according to a report by the Mississippi Secretary of State. With so many Mississippi businesses struggling to obtain the financial resources they need, it’s important to ensure they have access […]

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