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New Music-Inspired Exhibit Will Liven Up Austin’s Central Library

Another year begins and another cultural connection is made by the Austin Public Library, one of Austin’s most consistent supporters of local culture. This time it’s about rhythm – street art, hip-hop, jazz and punk – as Austin painter and muralist Kel Brown feels. According to Brown, it’s about “maintaining inner peace in times of […]

‘Ever-evolving’ Techno Speakeasy promotes community, art and activism | Arts & Culture

A colorful palette of identities surrounds each vendor stationed at Our Hope Metropolitan Community Church on Tracy Street on Saturday, January 29. Baked challah sits on a colorful tablecloth, hand-printed shirts hang on a rack, earrings made from every object imaginable are displayed, bright paintings and busy scribbles of drawings are arranged in large piles. […]

Bangkok’s underground music tribes take to the streets in surprise shows on Sundays

The show is about to begin. Its location is public. Its location is secret. PA equipment and instruments are strewn about as musicians set things up. Their power supply is limited, so they’re hoping the batteries won’t run out before all four groups are done playing. Attendees were informed that the show starts at 3 […]

Malik of Small Heath’s homage to street art suffers further damage in Digbeth

After the initial damage last night to Foka Wolf’s street art tribute to Malik of Small Heath, the rest of the giant celebration poster has been torn down and destroyed by unknown vandals. The much-loved collage of a living legend from Birmingham’s Small Heath area has been totally destroyed by unidentified vandals in Upper Trinity […]

“Visual Music from Murals”: ​​Upcoming Book Features Over 100 Local Street Artists

You know Austin as the Live Music Capital of the World, but local urban artist J Muzacz wants you to know the city as the “Urban Art Capital of the World”. Austin has yet to be baptized with such a title, but Muzacz hopes to raise awareness of local mural, mosaic, street and graffiti artists […]

What ideas have shaped public opinion? | Opinion

In Superintendent Mueller’s November 10 letter in the Eagle, he appears surprised at the “rally against racism in public education” outside Coronado High School on November 8. But his ideas shaped the opinions of political “activists” who “marked” a racist school CHS; scribble grossly obscene graffiti on the genitals that characterized Coronado’s schools as the […]

Lightspeed Commerce: 13 restaurant design and decor ideas to inspire you in 2021

Choosing an aesthetic for your business can be overwhelming, and with so many restaurant design and decorating ideas, it’s hard to know where to start. When opening your new restaurant, you will have many decisions to make: from choosing your POS restaurantto select the best towels and everything in between. To help you narrow down […]

Harris County to Spend $ 50 Million to Tackle Crime Through ‘Environmental Design’

Austin, Texas, October 13, 2021 – Harris County Commissioners unanimously approved an amended proposal to spend $ 50 million to fight crime by planting trees, clearing vacant lots, adding street lights and building sidewalks. County Judge Lina Hidalgo (D) and Commissioner Adrian Garcia (D-Pct. 2) announced the proposal at a press conference on Tuesday morning […]

Social Media “Brings Antisemitic Ideas to the New Generation” | Social media

A new generation of users of “younger” social media platforms such as TikTok are being introduced to anti-Semitic ideas that would be unlikely to be encountered elsewhere, according to a report. The research comes amid warnings that those embroiled in conspiracy theories around Covid-19 risk adopting anti-Semitic views. He revealed that Google searches the UK […]

Opening of a new exhibition at the Center d’art – Sentier du Parc des Estes-Gazette

Opening of a new exhibition “Bill Fritz and his Daughter Sandy” featuring member artist Bill Fritz and his oil paintings sharing the exhibit with the acrylic works of his daughter Sandy. Bill Fritz, originally from Mitchell, South Dakota, and his wife, Dana, moved to Estes Park 24 years ago when he retired from a career […]

Haines First Friday Features Historic Exhibits, New Artwork, Art Auction For A Local Family | Radio KHNS

The “Bid for Willow” art auction runs until 7 pm on Friday October 1st. All proceeds will go towards Willow Bryant’s medical expenses (Corinne Smith / KHNS) The first Friday is back in Haines, after some took a month-long hiatus due to the COVID outbreak in the community. Events on October 1 will include historical […]

Ardú Street Art Project 2021 in Cork, Ireland – StreetArtNews

The Ardú Street Art project arrived in Cork in October 2020, injecting an explosion of color, dynamism and life into the city in lockdown. Seven of Ireland’s most respected and renowned street artists have been invited to create key city center locations, in response to a theme inspired by the Cork fire in 1920. Find […]

Lloyd Coenen Art: Meet the Leeds artist who quit his accountant job during the pandemic to start a thriving global business

Lloyd Coenen spent 13 years working behind a desk, feeling dissatisfied and struggling with his sanity. He started showing his works in 2017 and two years later, just two days before the first lockdown, Lloyd quit his job and became a full-time artist. Read more Read more Freckleface Queens Arcade: mother-son duo who launched their […]

Treefort Music Festival Rocks On With Strict Pandemic Guidelines – The Daily Utah Chronicle

Local art at Treefort in Boise, Idaho, 2021 (Photo by Paige Gardner | The Daily Utah Chronicle) After more than a year of waiting, Treefort Music Festival is finally back in Boise, Idaho. With company pandemic restrictions as Idaho hospitals become more and more outdated Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, Treefort has gone […]

University communications and marketing receive design awards

Rich-Joseph Facun / Ohio University 2020 alumnus Brittany Hawthorne took part in the fall dance concert, “A COVID Experiment.” These photos illustrate Hawthorne’s solo performance, “The Chronicles of the Journal of Pisces”. Ohio University Communications and Marketing (UCM) has won several University and College Designers Association Design Awards for its illustration, video, photography, print, and […]

Worcester Painting Festival: “Big difference between graffiti art and vandalism”

Worcester Paint Festival Director Kate Cox explains how the idea came about and her hopes for the two-day event on September 18-19 “I have always traveled to different parts of the world and searched for different street art and graffiti… and I always thought that Worcester could do something; there are a lot of gray […]

Music industry weighs on vaccination mandates, but politics collide | Texas News

By AP Entertainment Writer KRISTIN M. HALL NASHVILLE, Tennessee (AP) – The coronavirus vaccine has given the live entertainment industry hope for a rebound in 2021. Now, as COVID-19 cases rise and hospital beds fill up, it looks like March 2020 is starting again. Tom DeGeorge runs the popular Crowbar club in Tampa, Florida, which […]

Afghan artists react to Taliban takeover | Cultural | Reports on the arts, music and lifestyle in Germany | DW

“The world powers think they can handle everything with force, arms and money, but before doing anything you have to familiarize yourself with the traditions and history of the country,” said Laila Noor. , Afghan activist and fashion designer based in Germany, said DW. “You have to be sensitive and ask yourself what is important […]

6 content ideas to target businesses looking for promotional items

As the digital world makes it easier to market and sell products, many new business owners often miss the opportunity to pitch their products to potential customers and consumers. Focus on the right Promotional material such as posters, radio spots, banner ads, etc., is essential to reach the right target audience. Getting your message across […]


Today, adidas unveils the Real Madrid away shirt for the 2021/22 season, presenting a design that represents and combines the pillars of Madrid culture: art, music and people. Inspired by the An iconic Malasaña neighborhood, the abstract graffiti graphic was custom-created by the adidas product design team and integrated into the fabric of the jersey. […]

Here’s a year of social media marketing ideas for real estate

It’s hard to think of any day-to-day real estate social media ideas that are creative, engaging, and “gram” worthy. As a busy real estate agent, you shouldn’t waste your time brainstorming ideas for social media. “365 days of social media publications for real estate agents” is the perfect solution for agents who understand the importance […]

Northeast News | Kansas City Design Center students to reinvent Kessler Park reservoir

Abby hooverEditor-in-chief The Kessler Park Reservoir, abandoned since 1931, will be the subject of the last reimagining project of the Kansas City Design Center (KCDC) students. KCDC is an interdisciplinary urban design program located at 1018 Baltimore Ave. in downtown Kansas City. The program is a partnership between the Architecture, Planning and Design programs at […]

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