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Chocolatier tries to find the sweet spot among Westport’s 3 artisan chocolate shops.

Besides its hard-to-remember and hard-to-pronounce name, it’s a bit off Church Lane – behind a parking lot between Myrtle Avenue and Elm Street (opposite Christ & Holy Trinity Church, if you’re still unsure).

You can’t see his little designer chocolates from the road. But its window is now colorful, attractive and seductive.

Chocolatière, and its colorful showcase.

It was decorated by artist Sophia Livecchi. It’s the first piece of public art in Westport for the 2017 Staples High School graduate, but it’s not her first anywhere.

The project sparked his interest in doing more such work – including murals – in his hometown.

Sophia – a football and tennis player and radio show host at Staples, who later majored in environmental studies at Skidmore College – became interested in the intersection of art and urban design during her semester in Copenhagen.

Since graduating last year, she’s created an 800-square-foot mural for a carpet-making studio in Brooklyn and helped turn an abandoned building across from I-91 in Hartford into a work of art. She also served as marketing director for Le KnowltonBridgeport’s exciting waterfront event venue, artist studios and mural park.

Sophia Livecchi, with one of her murals.

Sophia spent 2 days on the windows of La Chocaltiere, creating an intriguing autumnal scene.

As she worked, passers-by watched and chatted. That’s the power of public art, she says: It brings people and communities together.

“We need more of that here,” notes Sophia. “We have a lot of artists, but not a lot of outdoor art.”

Lots of empty walls, from the beach and the narrow driveway to the rear CVS car park, to the station underpass across from the lenticular pictures of Miggs Burroughs.

Meanwhile, Sophia continues to create art, inside and out. Blow Dry Bar – near Chocolatieree – also asked him to design a window. She also painted a mural in a family’s bathroom in Westport and in an art studio in Queens.

Sophia Livecchi, at work.

In a few months, Sophia will be back to her first local project. Winter is coming, so she will be updating the Chocolatieree windows for the new season.

By then, she and the owners hope many more Westporters will know exactly where the store is. They’ll appreciate the little pieces of artisan chocolate – and the much larger public art on display there.

(For more on Sophia Livecchi’s work — including commissions — Click here; email [email protected] or follow her on Instagram: @Sophlive.

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