The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2021 – The shortlist announced

The list of finalists for this year’s Restaurant & Bar Design Awards has been announced. This world-renowned competition is dedicated to the quality of hospitality, focusing on the design and architecture of food and beverage spaces around the world.

(Back to top – shortlisted in the Standalone category, The Dadyism Restaurant & Bar in Changzhou, China, designed by CSAD)

Since the awards were created in 2008 by Italian Marco Rebora, the competition has seen entries from over 100 countries compete with their exceptional designs and hospitality. From multiples to independents, from hamburger vans to museums, pop-up shops to Michelin-starred businesses, the prices have seen just about everything in the weird and wonderful world of food court.

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This year, the judges considered 835 entries from 69 different countries around the world, concluding with a shortlist of 279 projects.

Shortlisted in the Coffee – Cake Bloom category (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) by KOCKA design

What are the categories?

In total, there are 10 categories for each of the five regions which include Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, the Americas, and Australia and the Pacific. All entries will be allowed to qualify for the best restaurant and best bar awards for their region.

List of categories:

  • Outdoor and biophilic design
  • Coffee
  • Hotel
  • In another space
  • Lighting
  • Luxury
  • Several
  • Autonomous
  • Surface interiors
  • Visual identity

Nonetheless, the two most sought-after awards that each participant will be looking to win are the Global Awards for Best Restaurant Overall Designed and Best Bar Designed as a Whole.

Who are the judges and what are they looking for?

The jury for this year’s competition is made up of 38 of the world’s leading figures in architecture, design, lifestyle and hospitality. Some of the judges include Kempinski Hotels Commercial Director Amanda Elder, Berkeley Hotel General Manager Knut Wylde and Global Design Strategies Marriot International Vice President Aliya Khan.

The key definition the judges will focus on for each entry is “design excellence”. Entries that they think will provide them with their definition of that phrase, will win.

Who will receive a prize?

Prizes will be awarded to the winning restaurant / bar as well as to the winning designer.

When do the rewards take place?

This year’s awards ceremony will take place on the 14the October culminating Restaurant and Bar Design Week (11e October – 14e October), a virtual celebration displaying the plethora of innovation, expressiveness and quality demonstrated by restaurants and bars around the world, showing why they are the most creative spaces in the world.

Category winners will be announced via Instagram between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. UK time.

The big winner will be announced via video on the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards website at 4:00 p.m. UK time.

Restaurant and bar design week

Kick-off from 11e October and ending on the 14the October in the form of awards, Restaurant & Bar Design Week is a new concept that will include some of the industry’s most important and influential people. Throughout the week there will be a number of engaging talks, panel discussions and the reveal of new projects. In addition, there will also be a deep dive into the industry, highlighting the issues in the sector and inspiring those involved in design and hospitality.

Shortlisted in the In Another Space – Klosterhaus (Bristol, UK) category by DesignLSM

Previous winners

The establishment that won the crown for the best overall restaurant in 2020 was Garden Hotpot, located in Chendu, China, designed by MUDA-Architects, while the winner for the best overall bar was INNS Bar, also in Chengdu, China, designed by Wooton Designers.

List of previous winners:


  • Best Overall Restaurant – Alice & Fifth (Johannesburg, South Africa)
  • Best Overall Bar – SPINE Beirut (Beirut, Lebanon)


  • Best Overall Restaurant – Sean Connolly (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
  • Best Overall Bar – Rosina (Las Vegas, USA)


  • Best Overall Restaurant – The Penny Drop (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Best Overall Bar – Westlight (New York, USA)


  • Best Overall Restaurant – German Gymnasium (London, UK)
  • Best Overall Bar – Blue Wave (Barcelona, ​​Spain)

2015 :

  • Best Overall Restaurant – The Jane (Antwerp, Belgium)
  • Best Overall Bar – Dandelyan (London, UK)

2014 :

  • Best overall restaurant – Les Haras (France)
  • Best General Bar – FEI (China)


  • Best Overall Restaurant – Höst (Denmark)
  • Best Overall Bar – Atrium Champagne Bar (London, UK)


  • Best Overall Restaurant – A Cantina (Spain)
  • Best Overall Bar – Graffiti (Bulgaria)


  • Best Overall Restaurant – Busaba Eathai (Bicester, UK)
  • Best Overall Bar – Smack (Leamington Spa, UK)


  • Best Overall Restaurant – Galvin La Chapelle (London, UK)
  • Best Overall Bar – The Tote (India)


  • Best Overall Restaurant – The Olde Bell Inn (Hurley, UK)
  • Best Overall Bar – Carbon (London, UK)

Who is leading this year’s shortlist?

Once again, China tops the list with 43 different projects nominated. The United States follows closely with 38 admissions.

Great Britain has 18 entries into the competition, including The Dandy Bar, in London, Klosterhaus, Bristol and The Toast Office in Belfast.

For the full list of this year, click here

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