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I would like to think I had a good sense of style when I was younger. I remember having this little white rabbit fur coat that my mother bought me when I was 5 years old and that I decided to personalize with a neon pink highlighter. Looking back now, I realize that, compared to today’s new generation of fashionistas, my early styling skills were bordering on cheesy.

Not only did Instagram create what we now know as influencers, but it also introduced us to some really young fashion influencers. Coco, also known as @Coco_PinkPrincess, the 9-year-old Japanese fashionista, and possibly one of the hippest and coolest girls on Instagram. From her first post in 2015 to her most recent in early February, not only has Coco shared some serious fashion style with her followers, but she’s also shown the world what it means to be a kid-influencer.

Coco’s audience really exploded globally after being interviewed by Vice at age 6. Not long after, at age 7, she had already done a photoshoot for ELLE, for which she created her own props. That same year, she spoke to Hypebae about her love of fashion. Today, with 675,000 subscribers (and it’s not over yet), it’s obvious Coco is famous on Insta, and for good reason. Browsing her feed, there’s no style she can’t master – from streetwear to classic with a kawaii twist and Gucci or Balenciaga from head to toe, Coco is amazing in everything.

In order to get some fashion advice from the Pink Princess herself, Screen Shot had an exclusive interview with the 9-year-old and her mom Misato, where we talked about Coco’s style, her dreams for the future. and his in-depth knowledge of Instagram’s Algorithm. Here is how it went:

What I love about your style is how eclectic and colorful it is. You always dare to take that extra step that most people wouldn’t. What is your process behind creating one of these outfits?

Coco: When I make an outfit I sometimes choose the clothes I want to wear first or I choose a theme, so my dad teaches me a lot about fashion, so sometimes we do the outfit together or sometimes on our own.

Misato: When she grew up in Harajuku, she was surrounded by lots of colorful and stylish adults, so she was in an open environment when it came to style.

Do you have any fashion icons or other influences on your style?

Coco: Not really, but I sometimes look at the fashion threads on Instagram.

With the help of his parents who run the vintage store Funktique in Harajuku, Tokyo, Coco styles her outfits to suit her mood that day. But how did she start her Instagram and what exactly does it take to organize an account that has so much influence on fashion?

You’ve been known as a fashion icon on social media for a few years. Is it still as much fun for you today as it was when it started? What prompted you to open your account and share your fashion styles with the world?

Coco: Yeah, I still really enjoy taking photos for Instagram.

Misato: Coco grew up in Harajuku since the age of 2 when we, her parents, ran a vintage store. The boutique staff, influencers and people in the entertainment industry around her were all on Instagram, so Coco naturally followed suit and started posting on Instagram.

As a fashion influencer, Coco is one of the few who doesn’t post as regularly as others: she posts monthly or twice a month, but never every few days. Speaking to Misato, we asked:

Is it on purpose or do you both post whenever you have the time and good photos of Coco’s outfits?

Misato: It’s true that its publication frequency has decreased and there are 2 reasons for this. After analyzing Instagram’s algorithm and taking her daily life into account, the publication rate that we chose was then the most effective for her. She also started to have a lot of work and projects, so it became more difficult to find time for Instagram posts. However, the algorithm has recently changed, and her pace of work has become calmer, which means that she has resumed posting as before.

When it comes to social media, especially Instagram, kids are now growing up alongside them. Do you think one day Instagram will become old news and if so what new app would you like to replace it?

Coco: There are new apps coming out one after the other so that may change for something else.

Misato: That’s a tough question. We don’t know what will happen to Instagram and which app will replace it, but for Coco’s generation, it will always be an essential part of their lives. It will therefore also be important to be able to make decisions with flexibility, even if the platform changes.

Speaking of the future, do you know what you would like to achieve next?

Coco: Lately I’ve been enjoying acting, so for now, I hope to be a great actress.

That would be great! And fashion, do you still see yourself doing what you do on Instagram? Would you like to stay in the fashion industry?

Coco: I love fashion so I hope to be part of it again in the future.

Finally, give us some of your advice, what’s your favorite thing in fashion right now?

Coco: Lately I’ve been loving flowers and creating styles like natural flower combinations. I like pale tones, like natural flowers.

So, for those of you in need of fashion inspiration, you’ve heard it here first; try including more flowers and pastel colors in your Instagram feed to stand out. When it comes to fashion, Coco’s style and vision both seem to be a mix of classic and new innovations, something that we at Screen Shot always try to promote in a fun and engaging way.

It’s unclear what the future holds for social media, new technology, or even the fashion industry, but what is certain is that the new generation is showing an incredible amount of knowledge- do and creativity. In the end, it will be people like Coco, ZaZa and others that will shape our future, at least as far as fashion is concerned. And when you talk to Coco and her mom, it’s almost a comfort to realize that a famous 9-year-old fashionista can be as grounded and adorable as her Instagram photos represent her.

Exclusive interview with Coco, Instagram’s trendiest 9-year-old fashionista

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