Wallingford teenager spreads peace and positivity through music

WALLINGFORD – A student at Lyman Hall High School is working to spread peace and positivity through her music and an upcoming independent study project.

PeaceSelah Lopez, artistically known as PEACExLOPEZ, began to focus on her music at the start of the pandemic and knew exactly what kind of music she wanted to produce.

“I come from a family that really pushes to be extremely generous, not only with physical things, but also just by being kind and courteous,” said the 17-year-old. “Having that background, I wanted to make sure that the music I was creating was something that everyone could listen to. I didn’t want it to be for a specific group of people.

A press release describes the high school student as an “old soul with a young heart” and her music having “vibes like Jorja Smith or Olivia Dean and quotes from Lauryn Hill”.

On December 17, a day when many parents and students feared a TikTok challenge inciting violence in state schools, Lopez posted “Train With Grafitti.”

“It was a coincidence that my song was going to come out that day,” she said. “Personally, I don’t have TikTok but I know the impact it has on people and especially the challenges.”

The “Train With Graffiti” music video shows Lopez and a few friends boarding a CT Rail train and leaving sticky notes on seats and windows with positive messages for passengers to read and even take with them. Some messages say “It’s okay to make mistakes”, “don’t give up” and “you get it”.

Lopez released “Silhouette Stories,” an EP in the Spring of 2021. Last fall, she released “Tell Your Friends,” a song that encourages people to “tell your friends you’re proud of them, a message that she knows teens must hear as the desperation of the pandemic weighs on them. ”

In addition to his music, Lopez is also working on an independent study to write a program on what it means to be a good human being. She said anyone can take the course and will learn what it means to value others and get help with interpersonal relationships.

One of Lopez’s biggest supporters, Lyman Hall English teacher Samantha Provenzano, taught Lopez for two years. Provenzano helped Lopez create the independent study and praise his music career.

“She speaks without implication and listens without judgment,” said Provenzano. “Her music is the epitome of who she is as a person. The music and the tempo draw you in, and the words project positive messages and perspectives. ”

Provenzano said young people today find it difficult to rise above negativity, but Peace helps people see that they are able to rise above and allow them to. do by themselves.

“I want my music to be for parents, kids and adults,” Lopez said. “And with the positive message – kindness – that goes for everyone.”

All of Lopez’s music can be found on music platforms: Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and YouTube.

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