What ideas have shaped public opinion? | Opinion

In Superintendent Mueller’s November 10 letter in the Eagle, he appears surprised at the “rally against racism in public education” outside Coronado High School on November 8. But his ideas shaped the opinions of political “activists” who “marked” a racist school CHS; scribble grossly obscene graffiti on the genitals that characterized Coronado’s schools as the racist equivalent of the Nazis; all because some students chose Halloween costumes that activists deemed culturally incorrect.

In 2021, this idea that Coronado is a hotbed of racism finds its roots in the cowardice of those in charge. Racist activists have learned to trust the authorities for instinctive appeasement reactions in an attempt to dampen the false indignation of “activists” walking our streets, shouting obscenities on our sidewalks and posting their outrage on social media. Consider a June 9, 2020 statement from the CUSD superintendent pledging to “integrate explicit inclusiveness and anti-racism into our actions as staff and as a school community.” Recall once again the removed signage on primary schools in Coronado proclaiming that returning post-COVID students must be “re-educated” to make Coronado schools “No Room for Hate”. Why was this necessary? Because, with no data to back up the idea, Coronado’s parents shaped their children’s characters in hideous ways before unleashing their hate-filled offspring on their reckless peers in grade school. More recently, remember two official statements from the CUSD which follow one another quickly after the victory of the CHS Basketball CIF championship, the first on June 20, 2021, by the superintendent citing “the school’s commitment to oppose any act of bias ”and the second, immediately after, of CUSD Trustees, condemning the actions of anonymous“ authors ”(in the plural) as“ fueled ”by a pre-existing triple prejudice of“ racism, classism and colorism ”; this despite the fact that the superintendent and the trustees knew the identity of the only culprit “perpetrator”, a local political activist and union organizer of the SEIU.

Yet it was only now, when the seeds of “racism”, carefully planted by the rulers, began to bear fruit that the sowers and cultivators were huffing and denouncing the actions of those responsible for “radical and harmful behavior on the ground. from our school on November 8 ”. This is a hollow rebuke from an administrator who silently tried to embed a political activism program in Coronado schools under a false premise of hate, using a cynical cover story of “anti-bullying.” “.

If the outrage over the racial taunts and vandalism of Coronado schools on November 8 is real, we will see citations being issued and / or lawsuits against those identified on videotape, who without fear of consequences have disfigured the high school in Coronado in violation of the law. If the letter from the superintendent is nothing more than a signal of virtue, nothing is precisely what will be done. Concerned citizens can watch and learn …

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