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CHARLES TOWN — Linda Wright says she’s been “playing with paint” for about 25 years.

His playing produced beautiful acrylic paintings, some of which are now on display in the Fire Hall Gallery inside the Charles Town Visitors Center on North George Street.

Wright shared that she came to Jefferson County in 2001. Around that time, she painted murals in some of the new homes being built in the county.

Additionally, Wright painted murals in many homes and businesses in the area.

Although painting is a passion, Wright spent 18 years as an emergency medical technician at the Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races, retiring after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, she volunteers for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Reserves and is an inactive member of Citizens Fire Company.

“I let things go, painting-wise, as life snuck up on me,” Wright said. “I took a break from painting, but now it’s time to start a business with it.”

The exhibition at the Fire Hall Gallery is the first step towards the dissemination of his works to the general public.

“I never thought I’d be good enough to sell anything,” Wright laughed, adding that she’s recently been commissioned to paint wedding invitations, something she’s thrilled to do.

In addition to the pieces hung in the show, Wright also has several pieces hung at Inkwell’s Tavern in Charles Town. Tavern owner and artist Missy Lord also provides space for others to hang their pieces for display and sale.

Wright exhibited some of her paintings at the Jefferson County Fair, where she received numerous ribbons. She shared examples of miniatures – 2 by 2 paintings – that won awards last year. The paintings, done with finished detail, reflect how Wright sees his art.

“I can look at a map or something to get an idea, but then I do my own thing,” she explained. “I’m changing it to be ‘me’ rather than just copying someone else.”

Wright shared that her biggest supporter was her husband of 48 years, Danny. The couple raised four children and now have three grandchildren.

“I have two crazy dogs, a beautiful gray horse, and I raise canaries that sing to me while I paint,” Wright explained.

She hopes to expand her business, one called ButterCup Lane, where she can showcase her talents and offer her paintings to art lovers. She is currently expanding her social media presence through her Facebook page, ButterCup Lane, as well as in the gallery. In addition to Inkwell’s Tavern, Wright plans to research other venues for artists to show off their wares.

For those interested in seeing some of Wright’s paintings, the gallery exhibit will remain in place until the end of January.

To contact Wright, email him at [email protected] or visit him on Facebook.

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