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the EDWIN Music Channel is back with their first guest mix of 2022 hosted by a Berlin DJ Yeahlena.

Born in Estonia, spending formative years in St. Petersburg before settling in Berlin, Yeahlena’s love affair with bass music began listening to Russian pirate radio and browsing social media at first. from the 2000s in search of obscure DnB classics. The lasting impact of European rave imprints on Yeahlena’s curation, and for EDWIN, she polishes an honorary clubhouse mix that oscillates between atmospheric breaks and hardcore jungle, interspersed with jazzy interludes and nocturnal notes courtesy of Jazz Juice and Peshay.

Last year, EDWIN Music Channel celebrated a historic 100th mix, attracting renowned pioneers from the electronic world to showcase their crate-digging sorcery with the likes of Philippe Jondo, Hajj Samir and now Yeahlena takes on the mixing decks.

Tune in to Yeahlena’s mix and read her interview with EDWIN Music Channel below…

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Yeahlena, you are relatively new to the vinyl DJ game. When did you start buying records?

Back in Russia, I didn’t buy records. At that time, I had no idea about DJing. I dated a lot during my teenage years, but I had no idea what genres or what was going on. I was still just a passionate dancer, and still today, that’s what it’s all about.

I already liked the music I heard on local radio and it was hard to buy vinyl in Russia back then, so we looked for music on Russian social media instead. At that time, you could find anything and it’s still the same today. I started buying records in Europe, but mostly jazz to start with.

So that’s when you moved from St. Petersburg to Berlin?

Yes, after St. Petersburg I then spent three years in the Swiss mountains but the rose-tinted glasses slowly fell off and I needed something very different. Maybe the music attracted me too, but I never really liked the music in the Swiss clubs and then suddenly in Berlin he started dancing a lot again, like in my childhood.

Have you heard a lot of DnB in Berlin?

Almost never. I was addicted to DnB in Russia as a kid. When I drove with my dad to figure skating lessons, we often listened to a nice radio station. It was in the early 2000s and it was a pirate radio dedicated to DnB and rave music.

At the time they mostly played old school UK liquid DnB and, if I remember correctly, other lefty stuff. Because Western music used to come to Russia with a certain delay. That’s why I was able to encounter golden jungle/DnB tunes from the age of eight. And I liked it very much. But one day they announced in the morning that from now on they would only play Russian DnB and released some very cheesy tunes. My dad didn’t like it and played a Thunderdome CD instead.

So from then on I didn’t like Russian DnB either. I only remember it, because I missed my liquid trips out the car window so much, that I had to represent this injustice in a graffiti tag at my English school that read “Russian DnB sucks”. After that, I didn’t listen to DnB for a long time. But at some point it happened again, and the jungle is now my favorite music of all time. Especially in Russia. Because they really like the fast and hard stuff there. This is very common for Eastern Europe.

Why is that?

I was thinking about it. If you look at traditional Russian dance music, it’s also very fast. Caucasian music is pretty fast too, and so on. And they know how to dance and let go. But there are not many other reasons for this. And I must say that DnB and other bass music made in Russia are actually very good, so my school tag is canceled.

Did you also give your first DJ concert in Russia?

No, my first real DJ gig was in Berlin at About Blank. It was 2018. A friend was having parties there and asked me to play at the last minute because a girl couldn’t come. So, I had to fill in the quote for at least one woman. At that time, I just had a small collection and didn’t really buy music all the time. I had to open before a b2b from my friend and Skee Mask, so knowing what they like, I was brave enough to play some hard, low frequency loaded stuff, mostly on 7 inches. I was playing very poorly technically but everyone loved it one way or another, and the bass was heavy. Then accidentally a party at Golden Pudel Club on my birthday happened and I only played Jungle and DnB. At the time, I didn’t know how to mix DnB at all, but the Golden Pudel Club was a nice crowd that knew how to dance and sing along to ragga lyrics. It was very energetic and I was hooked.

Which recent gigs do you remember very well?

At the beginning of autumn, I played at the Dub.Raw camp in the wilderness of the Caucasus mountains on a huge PA system. Being and playing there with my friends was like a dream.

And what are your future projects?


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