Year 2000 Nail Ideas That Will Take You Back To The Year 2000 – See Photos

Our collective obsession with the 2000s won’t stop, and maybe that’s because the decade’s biggest beauty trends truly reign supreme – I mean, let’s be honest: there are few things more iconic than butterfly hair clips, velor tracksuits and all things bedazzled.

Even if we don’t want to bring back all trend of the early years – looking at you, razor thin eyebrows, micro skirts and Von Dutch trucker hats – our manicures may be the perfect, subtle way to teleport us back to the days when we sat on bright pink inflatable chairs in our children’s bedrooms while listening to Britney Spears on our CD players.

The best part about trying Y2K inspired nail designs? They’re all about creative freedom (like decorating your middle school or high school locker). Maybe you use your favorite music video, your brand logo, or prints from that era — maybe even all of them — for inspiration. The early 2000s pushed us to mix and match colors, try new hairstyles and be adventurous in the beauty and fashion departments, so nothing is off limits.

We asked nail artists what they would recommend to anyone looking to try their hand at a year 2000 inspired manicure. They all agreed: don’t be afraid to freestyle, which means being creative. Nail artist Temeka Jackson, known for her ornate designs, recommends creating a mood board of fashion styles and other things from the 2000s that inspire you. Keep in mind this rule of thumb that Jackson lives by: “Nail art has no rules.”

Keep scrolling to find nine nostalgic nail art ideas, plus the products and tips that are sure to give you the Y2K fix you’ve been craving.

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